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Beautiful spring excursions in Bavaria

As if made for spring: five destinations where you can perfectly enjoy spring-warm days - be it a walk through romantic old town alleys or hiking amidst the beauty of nature, which shows its most splendid side in spring.


Finally! In spring, being outside feels really good again. When the spring sun is shining and it's pleasantly warm, you simply have to get outdoors as often as possible. We present five destinations that are just made for an inspiring spring outing. Go on a discovery tour with us!

Spring is the best time to discover new places, explore pretty cities, enjoy nature and unwind. Eat ice cream, drink coffee or just stroll aimlessly around the squares and small streets of a charming old town. Or wander across wide meadows, look out over a tranquil lake, pause by a stream. Whether you're in the mood for an extended spring hike in a blooming landscape or more of a day trip to an idyllic town, we'll take you on five exciting spring excursions in Upper Bavaria and the Allgäu, all of which are perfect for a varied day trip alone, with friends or family.

Dachau in spring - artist town and place of remembrance

Dachau is known to most people primarily as a place of remembrance in contemporary history. But what many do not know: The Upper Bavarian city surprises with diversity. Dachau Castle with its extensive courtyard garden offers a magnificent view over Munich and delights in spring with blossoming fruit trees, flower beds, meadows, magnolias and ornamental cherries. Also an experience: the historic old town with its cobblestone alleys and the artists' path. There you can see works by the Dachau artists' colony, whose members became famous around 1900 with impressive landscape paintings.

Stadt Dachau - oberbayerische K√ľnstlerstadt und Ort des Erinnerns  Stadt Dachau

Dachau sights - Upper Bavarian artists' town and place of remembrance

Dachau impresses with its unique art history and numerous interesting excursion destinations. In addition, the Upper Bavarian town has set itself the goal as a place of learning and remembrance to counteract the forgetting of the atrocities committed during the Nazi regime.
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Trips in spring: In the footsteps of Franz Marc at the Kochelsee lake

The Upper Bavarian Kochelsee is a natural beauty in spring. This was already known to the world-famous artist Franz Marc, who found inspiration for his famous works there. Breathtaking views across the water, in which the landscape is reflected, magnificent mountain panoramas, old trees on the shore - the fascinating natural scenery offers photographers and artists almost endless motifs.

Perfect for nature photos: Lake Kochel

Walk in Franz Marc's footsteps: Kochel am See was both a retreat and a source of inspiration for the famous artist. Let the original locations at the lake take effect on you during a walk and take the opportunity yourself for artistic snapshots at this beautiful lake in Bavaria.
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A spring trip to the world-famous sports village of Oberstdorf

Oberstdorf is famous thanks to the Four Hills Tournament. But Oberstdorf has so much more to offer than winter sports: marvel at exciting traditional objects in the local museum, discover art in the Villa Jaus or take one of the four mountain railroads for excursions to rustic alpine pastures. Nature enthusiasts can take one of the many hiking routes. At the top of the mountain, genuine Allgäu delicacies await, such as Kässpatzn, Krautkrapfen and, of course, the spicy mountain cheese.

Way down in Bavaria, way up in the mountains

Does the name Oberstdorf ring a bell? It should! The town in Germany's southernmost corner is famous for winter sports. But Oberstdorf has so much to offer during the summer season as well.
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From Kaufbeuren to Bad Wörishofen - pure postcard idyll in springtime

A spring excursion in the Allgäu region delights the senses. The eventful tour from Kaufbeuren to Bad Wörishofen is also called the Wiesengänger route: It leads across wide meadows, past streams and through forests - here the Allgäu presents itself from its most beautiful side in spring. Tip: A visit to the Irsee Monastery, which is on the way, can be wonderfully combined with a little refreshment and a glass of Klosterbräu.

Kur- und Tourismusbetrieb Bad Wörishofen

Hiking trip in the Allgäu: From Kaufbeuren to Bad Wörishofen

This spectacular route takes you through the streets of tranquil villages, lush green meadows and bubbling brooks, and will simply take your breath away.
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Off to Lindau for a vacation feeling on Lake Constance

Surrounded by Lake Constance, the island town of Lindau exudes casual Mediterranean flair. Stroll along the harbor, admire Bavaria's only lighthouse and the famous Lion Monument, discover the most beautiful shores of the border triangle by boat - a spring trip to the Bavarian Riviera, as Lindau is fondly called, feels like a short vacation to the south in spring.


Lindau: the Bavarian riviera on the Swabian sea

The island town of Lindau owes its reputation as Bavaria's riviera to its blend of Art Nouveau buildings and Italian ambiance. Surrounded by Lake Constance, or the "Swabian sea" as it is sometimes called, it effortlessly conjures up a holiday atmosphere.
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