Mediation and more – keeping in top shape in Bavaria

With these tips, you can do something good for yourself in just a few steps.


Do something good for yourself, both inside and out – with the right food from the herb garden or the perfect wellness programme for your body and soul. With these tips, you can do something good for yourself in just a few steps.

Tuck into regional, seasonal, vegan food in Munich

"From field to saucepan" – vegan chef Sebastian Copien lives by his motto and delights in sharing his kitchen philosophy with everyone.
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Floating on water in Würzburg

Lift some weight off your shoulders: Relax in an open-air, salt-water floating pool, right in the heart of Würzburg.
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Fast your way to health in Ruhstorf

The 4-star wellness hotel Antoniushof in Ruhstorf promises big things. The new word on the block is "therapeutic fasting".
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Go on a barefoot hike in the mountains: get back to nature

Cast aside your shoes and socks and treat your senses to a walk across flagstones and spruce cones in the panoramic barefoot park "Panorama-Barfußpark" at the St. Anton cabin.
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Meditation hike through the Ammergau Alps

"What you wish to kindle in others must burn within yourself." This is the motto of the meditation hiking trail "Meditationsweg" in the Ammergau Alps.
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Meditation hike in the Ammergau Alps
Nearest station: Oberammergau Wies 12
86989 Steingaden
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