A journey to the past – experience medieval Bavaria

Immerse yourself in a journey back in time and discover the traces of medieval history which can still be found in many places in Bavaria, even today.

Bruno the sausage dog on tour in Franconia

The 3 most beautiful family hiking trips in the Ammergau Alps

Choosing the right mountaineering trail when you have children with you can be a challenge. The Ammergau Alps offer the right trail for children of every age, from toddlers all the way up to teens.

“A train journey is unbelievably exciting for children”

Are we nearly there yet? This is a question no one will be asking on your next trip. When travelling anywhere by train, the exciting part of the day begins as soon as you board. This way, even the shortest of journeys can be used to drum up excitement for the destination.

How to make hiking with children fun

Kids, we’re going on a hike! The most beloved leisure activity in German is a perfect workout for the whole family. These tips will turn the trail into a pathway to enjoyment for the adults, and unforgettable fun for the children.

We wish you a good trip and lots of fun

A train journey with children means family and adventure time! It’s especially fun to play a game together. Here are seven train games for children which lift the mood and require very little in terms of materials:

7 ideas for when waiting for the train

When travelling with the whole family you need to be more generous when it comes to estimating times, which is why it’s better to arrive at the station a few minutes before the train is scheduled to leave. Now all that’s left is to keep boredom at bay! Turn waiting time into play time with these children’s activities.

Snacks to bring along

People often get very hungry when they’re travelling. But what do the best provisions for train travel actually look like? The most important questions and answers:

Scavenger hunt through Bamberg

Educational, exciting, and something for everyone – the good old scavenger hunt clearly holds the number 1 spot for children’s activities! The Franconian cathedral town of Bamberg is the setting for this exciting street competition, where hunters big and small are guaranteed to learn something.

The most beautiful destinations in Bavaria if you have children – travelling in the summer

Summer, sun and sunshine – is there a better time for a spontaneous trip with the entire family? Whether you want to go wild, have an adventure or take a refreshing dip – these seven destinations with children in Bavaria will be sure to make their faces light up.

The most beautiful hiking destinations in Bavaria if you have children

With animal company, fairy-tale paths and exciting destinations – hiking trips with children can be fun.

Travelling with children

Travelling with children can really test your nerves sometimes. With our tips, your trip will be fun and stress free for all those involved.

Indoor activities in Bavaria for families

These family-friendly indoor activities in Bavaria are ideal for when the weather is a bit unpredictable.

Scavenger hunt by rail from Nuremberg – a game for all the family

Our scavenger hunt by rail starts in Munich

Llamas, wolves and camels – wild animals in Bavaria

Pigs, sheep and cows? Forget it! There are some really unusual creatures in Bavaria. You can find out where here.

Fairy-tale Bavaria

Once upon a time – there was a train that transported you to the kingdom of princesses, goblins and wizards. It's not a fairytale; it's reality. These excursion tips will enchant both children and adults – and might even give you goosebumps.

Holiday on the farmyard – travel to the countryside by rail

Want to fill your lungs with clean country air? These five Bavarian farmyards can easily be reached by rail and provide wildly good fun for the whole family. Go see sheep, goats, etc. on a wonderful holiday on the farmyard.

The 5 most beautiful lake cruises in Bavaria

Take a trip to the water by rail. You don't need a coastline to enjoy a day by the water.

Winter hiking in Bavaria

These tips for hikes are perfect if you want to see a very special side of Bavaria's winter forests.

Skiing in Bavaria

Powder snow and fun on the slopes – winter sport fans will be in their element in these five Bavarian ski resorts. 

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