Bringing a sparkle to children's eyes with winter fun in Bavaria

It's time to get off the sofa and enjoy some exciting activities in Bavaria's winter wonderland. Grab the kids and discover the magic, fun and adventure of these beautiful snowy landscapes.

Snowy new experiences

Five winter experiences that guarantee fun and action, even off the slopes.

From the platform straight to the cross-country ski trail – the most beautiful routes

A couple of skis, shoes and sticks. That's all you need for cross-country skiing. You can find the most beautiful cross-country skiing routes in Bavaria here.

The most festive Christmas markets in Bavaria (that not everyone knows)

Not feeling festive yet? Then visit one of the many beautiful Christmas markets in Bavaria.

Bavarian specialities

Be warned – these trip tips may not be to vegetarians' tastes. Because it's all about sausages here – whether they're fried, smoked or boiled, there's something for everyone. A culinary journey from north to south.

Have fun while learning about the world: these museums are the place to do it

Explore, learn and experiment: these five museums are where to go for a real hands-on experience.

There's something for all the family in – and around – Ulm

Ulm and Neu-Ulm form a twin town covering both sides of the Danube. Together, their modern museums and picturesque fisherman's quarter attract a lot of visitors – but there's one particular sight that's head and shoulders above the rest.

Picture-perfect landscapes

Breathtaking moments, landscapes and experiences that live long in the memory.

Summer in Bavaria – the best destinations for trips with children

When the sun comes out and the mercury rises, it's time for a spontaneous trip with the whole family! From nature and adventure to a refreshing dip in the lake, these seven child-friendly destinations in Bavaria are ideal.

It's your very special day! And here's a special party for you

Give kids variety on their special day. Outdoor activities, museums or indoor playgrounds – all over Bavaria, there are exciting destinations that are ideal for a very different kind of birthday celebration.

Do It Yourself! Creative and anything but conventional: take a look at hands-on activities all around Bavaria

Calling all DIY fans: these destinations let you get as inventive as you want.

Bayreuth's wealth of sights makes it a great place to visit.

Bayreuth's wealth of sights makes it a great place to visit.

A beautiful backdrop for a busy visit to Bamberg

Quick trip to Bamberg: spend the day sightseeing in the old town, and spend the evening sampling local cuisine.

University town of Würzburg – daytrip ideas for one of the ten most liveable cities in Germany

The university town of Würzburg lies in the heart of Bavaria's wine-growing region and offers a blend of historical charm and modern appeal.

Small sights with a big wow factor

What do the Töppler tower house, Meisengeige café-cinema and Lili Chapeau theatre all have in common? They might not be big, but what they offer visitors is more than impressive.

Summer in the city – Munich in the sunshine

Summer in the Bavarian capital. Between nature and city life.

6 unusual museums in Bavaria

Think museum visits are tedious? No way, there's plenty of exciting things to see in Bavaria. You can find the six most unusual destinations here.

Simply travel out by train and walk back

Some routes are simply too far. A great compromise – travel out by train and then explore and enjoy the scenery by foot.

Castles and palaces in Bavaria

Without a doubt – King Ludwig's fairy-tale castle, Neuschwanstein, is a must-see. But Bavaria has plenty more to offer.

Bavaria: Land of fairytales

The fairytales of the Brothers Grimm come to life in Bavaria's forests, towns and amusement parks.

Relaxing in Bavaria's thermal baths

From bathing in a thermal spring to chilling out in the sauna, Bavaria has over 40 thermal baths where you can relax.

Indoor sport and fun

Rain, cold or just don’t feel like going outside? Your next indoor adventure is only a train ride away.

A journey to the past – experience medieval Bavaria

Immerse yourself in a journey back in time and discover the traces of medieval history which can still be found in many places in Bavaria, even today.

Getting off the train and up the mountain

From Munich to the peaks of Upper Bavaria – entirely free of weekend traffic, but lots of relaxing before and after the journey. Anything is possible with the train. Our hikes begin and end at different stations in the area. The trails, which vary in difficulty, are recommended by experienced hikers: we have made the selection together with a team from the mountaineering magazine, Bergsteiger.

Hang tough: climbing in Bavaria

When it comes to climbing and bouldering, concentration plays an important role alongside strength and technique. This is why these types of sports are ideal for freeing the mind. Bavaria offers a selection of activities for those with a head for heights.

Solo travelling

Travelling alone? Solo travellers can experience nature and enjoy the quiet on these hiking trips.

Water, water everywhere! 7 tips for hot sunny days

When the mercury rises, the only thing that can help is a cool dip. From lakes and outdoor swimming pools to more active options like surfing and stand-up paddling, Bavaria has something to help everyone cool down.

Jump off the train and straight onto your board – the best water sports activities in Bavaria

Fancy cooling off? You don't have to go to the sea to do that. Bavaria has plenty to offer in terms of refreshing places to visit.

Bavarian beach feeling – the 7 most beautiful lidos

Far and wide there's no sea in sight – and yet you still want to feel as if you were at a beach paradise? No problem in Bavaria. You can take a dip in these rivers and lakes.

Six of Bavaria's most beautiful beer gardens

Take the train to some of Bavaria's most iconic beer gardens.

Ice cream! The 7 best ice cream parlours in Bavaria

Not all ice cream is created equal. Very special refreshments await you in these Bavarian ice cream parlours.

Bavaria in bloom – outings for plant fans

Spring is around the corner – what are you waiting for? We explain when the right time is for an outing. 

The best ways to get you up the mountain in style in Bavaria

These five methods are an extremely pleasant way to reach the peak – breathtaking views are included.

7 restaurant tips at Bavaria's stations

Waiting for the train and your belly starts rumbling? No problem. The food is a lot better around Bavarian stations than you might think. 

A behind-the-scenes look at Bavaria's film industry. Bavaria for film fans

The film industry also knows that Bavaria has got lots of beautiful places. Fancy a film location tour?

Happiness on rails – Bavaria's most beautiful railway routes

The journey is the destination – these Bavarian railway routes will make your journey an experience.

The 5 most beautiful lake cruises in Bavaria

Take a trip to the water by rail. You don't need a coastline to enjoy a day by the water.

10 experiences at Bavarian stations

Your next train doesn't leave for another hour? Perfect! Short visits to these stations in Bavaria can be an experience.

The 7 most rustic mountain cabins in Bavaria – and the route up to them

Leave your daily stresses behind you and relax in a rustic cabin.

The best view of Bavaria – from a viewpoint to a balloon trip

Not scared of heights? Then please read on. Here are five trip tips for those who have set their sights high when travelling by rail. 

Off we go then (just for a bit). The Bavarian pilgrimage route

You don't have to make it all the way to Santiago de Compostela – these legs of the Bavarian pilgrimage route are perfect for a day's hike. 

Steeped in tradition – discover arts and crafts in Bavaria

Whether you're looking for an unusual souvenir or are wanting to let your creative juices flow and design something yourself – these four places are renowned for their arts and crafts tradition – and can be reached conveniently by rail.

Viva Bavaria! In the footsteps of the Romans through Bavaria

Between the Alps and the limes (the limits of the Roman Empire) – the history of Ancient Rome comes to life in these corners of Bavaria.

Lift the curtains on Bavaria's theatrical world. The 4 best theatres in Bavaria

These four Bavarian theatres are anything but ordinary – and are very easy to reach by train.

Llamas, wolves and camels – wild animals in Bavaria

Pigs, sheep and cows? Forget it! There are some really unusual creatures in Bavaria. You can find out where here.

Camping in Bavaria – the best sites if travelling by train

Travelling to the camp site by rail? No problem. Since you don't need to bring a tent or a caravan with you when visiting these camp sites. The best thing is that there's something for everyone on this list – from camping novices to experienced outdoor fans.

Impressive architecture in Bavaria

Architectural highlights that feature more than pretty walls and sophisticated floor plans – six trip tips (not just) for architecture aficionados.

Bavaria from beneath – discover caves in Bavaria

Time for a change of perspective – because Bavaria has plenty to offer under the surface as well.

On top of the world – flying, gliding and balloon rides in Bavaria

Get to know a completely different side of Bavaria and have a change of perspective – from up in the air.

Castles, towers, hay – unusual hotels

Are you looking for a truly different place to stay the night? Bavaria has plenty of them. They will make even sleeping an experience.

Experience tradition in Bavaria

The real Bavaria is more than simply dancing on the tables at Oktoberfest and men in lederhosen. Real Bavarians therefore shouldn't miss out on the chance to experience these six traditions.

The most beautiful stations in Bavaria

Next stop: architectural highlight. These Bavarian stations are more than just a starting point for your journey – they are worth a visit in themselves.

Cool & refreshing – the 8 most beautiful open-air swimming pools in Bavaria 

Dive in! There are more than enough options.

Yoga hotels in Bavaria

India? Bavaria! You don't have to travel to the other side of the globe if you want to go on a yoga break. There is also plenty on offer for beginners and experts in yoga hotels in Bavaria.

4 trip tips for amateur photographers

Click! Trip tips for particularly beautiful Bavarian photo locations.

Jogging – jump from the train straight into your running shoes

Jogging routes around the railway stations offer a lot of variety.

Travel by rail to see the old haunts of the Blue Rider expressionist art group

Follow the trail of the Blue Rider group by rail through Upper Bavaria and visit the workshops of the famous artists Marc, Kandinsky, etc.

Mediation and more – keeping in top shape in Bavaria

With these tips, you can do something good for yourself in just a few steps.

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