Meet Bruno the Dachshund

  • How I got my name
  • If you asked most people to imagine an animal called Bruno, they'd probably describe a big strong bear instead of a small little sausage dog. It's true that I'm not the biggest animal around, but I still have all the stamina of a bear, as you can see from my frequent journeys to destinations right across Bavaria. I've been to all kinds of places – from playgrounds for medieval knights to hiking trails down narrow gorges. Names have meanings – can you guess what mine means? No? Then I'll tell you. Bruno comes from an old word in German for the colour brown. I think my name really suits me – not only am I as strong as a bear for my size, but my fur is brown as well. I like my name, and I love travelling because wherever I go in Germany, I always see the letters "DB". They stand for Deutsche Bahn, but I also think they mean "Daring Bruno", which is another good way of describing me. So whenever I take a DB train in Bavaria, I'm already thinking about the adventures I'll have when I get to my destination.
  • Why I love travelling in Bavaria
  • The region has some of the yummiest food in Germany, but Bavaria is the best in lots of other ways as well. When I go on a train journey, I love to look through the window at the fields, forests and mountains outside. There's so much to see in largest state in Germany. The Alps are one of my favourite sights: the peaks of the huge mountains seem to touch the sky.
  • What I like most about travelling by train
  • I love taking the train. I look out the window at the landscape outside. There are forests, fields, mountains, rivers and lakes – no matter where I go, the view from the window is always changing. And it's always lovely. You can also play games during a train trip. My favourite games are "I Spy" and naming towns, countries and rivers that all start with the same letter. But the very best thing about travelling by train is that the grown-ups with you have loads of time to play as well, because they don't need to concentrate on the road and traffic like they do during a car drive. Trains have a lot more room than cars, so it's really easy to take friends with you too whenever go on a daytrip somewhere in Bavaria.
  • My most exciting daytrip
  • I've been to a lot of places, but one trip was extra exciting: windsurfing at Brombachsee lake. Me and my friends went to the lake because we had always loved this sport. When we got there, I needed a few hours to learn how to use the sail, but soon I was ready to go speeding across the water. We raced against each other too. It was a fantastic day.
  • Another time, I went to the summer sledging track at Kronach. A lift took me and my sledge, which is a bit like a big toboggan, to the top of the small mountain that forms the slope. I had a great view of the Rodach valley and the pretty town of Kronach from up there, but that wasn't the reason I took the lift. Sitting in my sledge, I shot down the hillside faster than lightning. It was thrilling, and I can't wait to go back and do it again.
  • Have you ever heard the word "canyoning" before? It's a kind of hiking, only it involves trekking along a gorge or canyon, jumping from rocks into pools of water, sliding down steep slopes and abseiling beside a waterfall. I love exploring the great outdoors and can't get enough of exciting activities that give me goosebumps, so it's no surprise that Reutte is near the top of my list of destinations. The nearby Stuibenfälle waterfall is the perfect place to go on a canyoning hike with kids – and with dogs that have short little legs!
  • Essential things for every journey
  • It's happened to us all: you've just sat down in your seat on the train and suddenly your tummy starts to rumble. I think there's a good reason for this: our bodies probably know that we're going somewhere to have a lot of fun, so we need all the energy we can get! That's why you have to take enough food with you no matter where you're going. Fruit and vegetable are great for kids, but make sure that the fruit isn't too juicy, or things could get a bit messy. Small pieces are best, and a lunchbox is a handy way of transporting these snacks. Sandwiches are a good idea if you've got space in your bag, and when you're in Bavaria, try out one of the local pretzels with butter. They're so yummy, I'm starting to get hungry just thinking about them. And don't forget to bring a bottle of water – you always need something to drink when travelling. Taking enough food when you go somewhere by train is important, but there's one thing that's even more important: having fun with your family and friends on your day out.


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