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On top of the world – flying, gliding and balloon rides in Bavaria


Get to know a completely different side of Bavaria and look down on it with a bird's eye view – in some cases, using some spectacular equipment. The most relaxed method is definitely balloon rides in Bavaria.

Paragliding across Upper Bavaria

As free as a bird: Book a tandem flight over the Blomberg and just relax while your experienced pilot takes care of the steering.
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Balloon flight above the Upper Palatinate

Also for people with a fear of flying: A balloon flight above Bavaria is perfect for anyone who wants a relaxing journey without engine noise.
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Soar up to the sky: Helicopter ride over the Allgäu

Adrenaline for the brave: At Tannheim airport you can have a go at being a helicopter pilot yourself. After a rigorous introduction you can just get going.
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Soar across Franconia in a gyroplane

Just like James Bond: Many will recognise the plane from "007 – You Only Live Twice". The gyroplane (or autogyro) is a bit like a helicopter.
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Fly over Munich in a Zeppelin

Slow speed ahead! Take a ride in a Zeppelin balloon and you'll get more than just a sightseeing flight.
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Nearest station: Bichl Am Blomberg 2
83646 Wackersberg
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