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Whether it's mountaineering in Karwendel, a gondola ride on the Regnitz river, or enjoying some great food in the idyllic Altmühltal valley: Bavaria has so much to offer. The bloggers of our town-country-river challenge have chosen to explore the most beautiful parts of Bavaria with five different Regio regional lines – each of them will visit one town, one part of the countryside and one river.

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Me and my travel companion Eva travelled with the regional day ticket from Munich to Nuremberg via the Altmühl valley (Kinding). It was great for both of us that we only had to pay EUR 20 for a ticket and each additional person only had to pay EUR 6 (up to 5 additional people). We had chosen three stops and wanted to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner on our trip, as well as have some great experiences that we could remember in the future. Here we go….

1st stop: Munich
We started our trip in Munich, where we live. We first looked for a great breakfast close to the station there. We fancied something healthy and filling so we had a bowl with healthy treats from Bowls & Blenders, a tasty chive pretzel and a cappuccino and smoothie. Unfortunately, we didn't have much time so we had to make our way to the regional train (approx. 10 minutes by foot) right away. Apart from that, the Alter Botanischer Garten (Old Botanical Garden) is also a great place to have a relaxed breakfast. Bowls & Blenders sells both bowls as a main course, as well as various breakfast bowls and smoothies. Healthy, filling and nutritious – perfect for a long day of travel.

2nd  stop: (Kinding) Altmühltal
Having started our trip invigorated with a tasty breakfast, we set off on an approx. 1 hour and 15-minute journey to Kinding in the Altmühltal valley. The Altmühltal valley was the focus of our trip and we looked forward to an approx. 5.5-kilometre (one-way) hike to a country guesthouse chosen by us in advance. The Wagner country guesthouse provides outstanding Bavarian regional cuisine, has a fantastic courtyard with sunny spots and is surrounded by idyllic nature. Perfect – and the ideal destination for us. Alternatively, or in addition to this, we also recommend visiting the Kratzmühlsee lake which is approx. 7.5 kilometres from the station. Turquoise water, barbecue spots, fields to relax in, a small café/restaurant by the water and you can have a picnic at the lake.

3rd stop: Nuremberg
Our last stop was Nuremberg. We only had to travel an additional 25–30 minutes by rail with the regional day ticket to reach it. When we got off the train, it was lovely and sunny and we immediately had the urge to explore. The old town is just a stone's throw from the main station and I fell in love within the first few minutes. Little passageways, beer gardens, restaurants and stalls with original Nuremberg roast sausages here and there. You can easily get to know the city within a day, but can't get to grips with all of its facets during that time. The Franconian city in Bavaria has water, countryside, rivers, cafés, bars, restaurants, nightlife, a lake with a beach and much, much more, including gorgeous natural highlights. In the evening we came across an Asian restaurant (Côcô Indochine) and enjoyed two summery drinks with Asian-style duck in mango sauce and a rice noodle salad with beef. Delicious and just the boost of energy we needed to tackle the last stretch back home to Munich.

We saw and experienced lots of things. We explored nature, hiked, ate some excellent food and arrived in Munich, on the one hand exhausted from the approx. 18 km walk and more than 31,000 steps taken this day, and on the other hand, happy and with some great memories. One thing was clear to me before I even left the station – DB Regio Bayern and the regional day ticket offer will definitely be seeing me again soon.

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