Dear Leni,

Oh dear – I look away for one second and next thing I know, we’ve got separated. We were just at the Landschaftsmuseum regional museum in Plassenburg and were looking at the huge, old world map, remember? I just wanted to count the drawings of mythical creatures quickly and I suddenly lost sight of you. And then I went running all over the place looking for you, but between all the really big people, I couldn’t find you. :(

So I thought I’d go back to the station and look for you there. Just then a train going in the direction of home came and I got on right away. I think travelling by train is so nice, when you can see all the scenery out the window. But I like travelling by train even more when I’m with you.

I got a bit hungry in Bayreuth, so I got off and went to our favourite ice cream shop. They have that tasty salted caramel ice cream, right next to the Margravial Opera House. Sadly, the ice cream shop worker didn’t see me because I’m a sausage dog, and too small to reach the ice cream counter. Luckily there was a child next to me who dropped their entire ice cream, which I snapped up quickly, hehe.

Well, there was no more ice cream after that, so I went back to the station and hopped back onto the next train. I made another pit stop in Pegnitz, because all the running around made me feel a bit hot; I went to the Teufelshöhle cave in Pottenstein to cool off for a bit. I’ll tell you one thing: if we hadn’t lost each other at Plassenburg castle, we would have lost each other there. So many pathways and steps – not easy at all to get around for a dog like me!

Back on the train I ran through all the compartments looking for you. I couldn’t find you though. That’s why I got off at Nuremberg and went to the DB museum. I really like it because all the old trains are so terribly exciting. Just imagine how people back in the day used to travel! Trains have come so far since then! The people at the museum said they’d take care of me until you come to pick me up. So now I’m waiting for you and hope that you come soon. Can’t wait to see you!

Best wishes,

Your sausage dog, Bruno

P.S. Maybe we could do the tour again together? I’ve written it all down for you:

Plassenburg castle: A foray through the history of Kulmbach

The former centre of power of the House of Hohenzollern has four museums, which provide a multi-faceted perspective into the history of the town

Destination: Museum of the Upper Main Region Foundation

Nearest train station: Kulmbach

Frozen creations: "Opera" ice cream café in Bayreuth

Destination: "Opera" ice cream café

Nearest train station: Bayreuth Hbf (main station)

Teufelshöhle (Devil's Cave) in Pottenstein: An impressive feat of nature

Destination: Teufelshöhle in Pottenstein

Nearest train station: Pegnitz

Deutsche Bahn Museum in Nuremberg: Over 150 years of railway history

The oldest railway museum in the world features 40 engines and an old platform, bringing the evolution of Deutsche Bahn to life.

Destination: DB Museum

Nearest train station: Nürnberg Hbf (Nuremberg main station)

By the way: if you want to take a Bruno the sausage dog of your own on your next trip, have a look on You can order the instructions and materials quickly and easily there.


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