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Castles and palaces in Bavaria


Of course, everyone has to visit King Ludwig's fairy-tale castle, Neuschwanstein, once in their life. It's not for nothing that 1.5 million people make the pilgrimage to Füssen each year. But Bavaria has plenty of other exciting historical sites you can visit. Take a journey through time to the castles and palaces of Bavaria.

Take a walk through the gardens at Schleißheim Palace in Oberschleißheim

Even though your intention may be to have a gentle stroll, you'll find that your pace will automatically start to quicken in the Court Gardens at Schleißheim Palace.
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Country views: Pappenheim Castle

The sweeping view across the Altmühl valley from the castle is certain to have saved the lives of its original occupants on one or two occasions.
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Ancestral seat of the Wittelsbachs: Trausnitz Castle in Landshut

Trausnitz Castle towers over Landshut old town – lordly and impenetrable. And it's impressive on the inside as well.
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Rieneck Castle: A scouts' rendezvous

Back in 1150, this castle was home to the Count of Loon and Rieneck. But these days, you'll mainly see scores of young people strolling through the walkways.
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Army Museum at the New Castle in Ingolstadt

The castle, sometimes called "Die Neue Veste", already merits a visit just for its sheer size and majestic rooms.
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Schleißheim Palace Gardens
Nearest station: Oberschleißheim Max-Emanuel-Platz 1
85764 Oberschleißheim
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