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The real Bavaria is more than simply dancing on the tables at Oktoberfest and men in lederhosen. Crafts, music, local dress – centuries-old traditions are upheld in Bavaria. If you're interested, you shouldn't miss out on the chance to experience these six traditions:

Yodelling workshop on an Alpine pasture

Even if you can't sing, the maestro will promise to teach you to "yodel from the heart" in his workshops.
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"Schuhplattler" folk dancing in Munich

If you're already equipped with Lederhosen and strong calves, then you're ready for a "Schuhplattler" dance class at "Almrausch-Stamm" in Munich.
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"Sennerei Lehern": Alpine dairy farm

Take a trip to the "Sennerei Lehern" showroom and watch cheese-making experts at work as they create different specialities from the Allgäu region.
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Costume Museum in Holzhausen

Visit the Costume Museum in Holzhausen and find out what a real Bavarian costume ("Tracht") looks like and how it has developed over the years.
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