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Learn about the lives of Bavaria's famous sons and daughters

Artists, patricians, fictional figures and royalty: memories of their lives are present in every part of Germany's biggest state. Creative and informative displays and stories bring history, culture and travel together for tourists.

Munich artist Franz Marc called the landscape around Kochel am See "the blue country". It therefore makes perfect sense that the town is home to an exhibition space dedicated to an artist who found so much inspiration in the region. The modern setting of the Franz Marc Museum showcases his legacy - paintings, personal items, letters and works produced by his friends in the Blauer Reiter art movement. Located in the heart of Nuremberg's old quarter, the Tucher townhouse is like a miniature castle. It was built by the city's patrician Tucher family in the 16th century, and today, it brings the world of these merchants back to life. The museum's collection contains furniture, tapestries, paintings, portraits and silverware, some of which are part of the building's original fittings - making it even easier to imagine how the Tucher's lived all those centuries ago. If murder and mystery interest you more than Alpine idyll, we recommend taking part in a detective tour of Kempten in the Allgäu region. Over two hours, you get to following in the footsteps of Kluftinger, head of criminal investigations in the town and the protagonist of the series of books that bears his name. Criss-crossing the old town, the tour incorporates passages from the books. Plassenburg castle dominates the town of Kulmbach at the opposite end of the state. Held by the Hohenzollern family, who became rules of Prussia, the fortress serves as the symbol of the town. Today, its impressive living quarters (which date back to the 16th century) house four museums that explore how the aristocrats lived from the Baroque era to the modern era.

The Franz Marc Museum in Kochel

Visiting Kochel, home of the great Expressionist Franz Marc

Franz Marc is one of Germany's best-known Expressionist painters. With Wassily Kandinsky, Marc founded the Blauer Reiter ("Blue Rider") group, one of the most important pioneering movements in the history ... more

Franz Marc Museum in Kochel am See
Franz Marc Park 8
82431 Kochel am See

Nearest station: Kochel am See

The Tucher townhouse in Nuremberg

Cross the threshold and marvel at the what was once the home of one of old Nuremberg's richest families.

You may well have seen the name Tucher someplace. Was it on the side of a beer bottle? Tucher Bräu is one of the largest breweries in Nuremberg, and its origins go back to ... more

Tucherschloss Museum
Hirschelgasse 9-11
90403 Nuremberg

Nearest station: Nuremberg main station

Blood and thunder: Inspector "Kluftinger" crime scenes in Kempten

If you thought that the Allgäu was a tranquil place, think again! Kempten is the setting of the popular German novels and TV series "Hauptkommissar Kluftinger", in which Chief Inspector ... more

Kempten Residence
Residenzplatz 4
87435 Kempten

Nearest station: Kempten main station

Plassenburg castle: A foray through the history of Kulmbach

The former centre of power of the House of Hohenzollern has four museums, which provide a multi-faceted perspective into the history of the town

Anyone who has ever set foot in Kulmbach, or driven past it, is certain to have seen Plassenburg castle from a distance. It towers majestically above the little town and its 26,000 ... more

Museum of the Upper Main Region Foundation
Festungsberg 26
9532 Kulmbach

Plassenburg Castle Kulmbach


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