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Holiday on the farmyard – travel to the countryside by rail

Experience all wildlife has to offer for the whole family


Want to fill your lungs with clean country air? These five Bavarian farmyards can easily be reached by rail and provide wildly good fun for the whole family. Go see sheep, goats, etc. on a wonderful holiday on the farmyard.

Heuhotel Fischbeck hay hotel in the Pegnitztal valley

Hit the hay for the night – just like Heidi. There are cows in the field and an adorable donkey who’ll accompany you on walks here.
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Enjoy the ins and outs of country life and hit the hay in the hay hotel – sound like the perfect family holiday? You and your children can stroke the animals, taste yummy home-made products, have breakfast in an old pigsty and sleep in a former cowshed in the Heuhotel (hay hotel) in Pegnitztal.

“Der kleine Bauernhof” farm in Feuchtwangen

Pitch in at the "Der kleine Bauernhof" farm – here is where all your “Little House on the Prairie” fantasies come true.
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A holiday at the organic farmyard in Feuchtwangen will be an unforgettable experience for cow fans big and small. The daily activity programme is tailored to be child friendly – little ones can help with looking after and feeding the animals each evening.

The "Kleintier-Bauernhof" small animal farm by Brombachsee lake

You may be awoken by the cockerel, but you won’t find any cows or horses here.
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You don't mind large animals – but prefer stroking rabbits and pot-bellied pigs? Then the small animal farm by the Brombachsee lake is the perfect place for you on your farmyard holiday.

The holiday home by AltmĂĽhlsee lake

Petting zoo for the kids, wellness for the parents, and the motto: “Happy children – rested parents.”
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Relaxation for the whole family – this dream for the perfect Bavarian holiday becomes reality at Altmühlsee lake. If you rent a holiday house on the farmyard, the pigs Fritz and Frieda and the ponies Max and Moritz will entertain your little ones – while you relax in the on-site wellness area.

Adventure farm in Erlangen

Learn how to milk animals – the Eichenmüller family make sure that your visit is an adventure.
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The EichenmĂĽller family not only wanted to make their farmyard animal friendly, but they also wanted to bring children and their parents closer to nature and farm animals. After a day on the farmyard stroking calves and feeding the animals hay, you can be sure that the children will know where milk comes from. And that not all cows are called Daisy!

You can find details on how to reach these locations in the individual trip pages.

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Heuhotel Fischbeck hay hotel (Vorra)
Nearest station: Vorra (Pegnitz) HauptstraĂźe 27
91247 Vorra
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