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Jogging – jump from the train straight into your running shoes


More variety, new sporting challenges and sampling a bit of culture and country air on the side – this is what jogging routes around the railway stations have to offer.

Running arena in the Allgäu: Effective training guaranteed

From the training support and bespoke running programme through to equipment consultation – the running arena in the Allgäu has all the expertise you need.
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The Frankenweg: the most fascinating route in the region

Just follow the red signposts. That's all you have to do if you're venturing off along the "Frankenweg". The 500-kilometre route stretches from the Franconian Forest to the Altmühl valley.
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A hat-trick of records: The Würzburg Residence Race

During the Würzburg Residence Race in 2015, a record was set before the race had even begun. For the first time ever, more than 8,000 runners took their marks at the starting line.
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The Bamberg World Heritage Race: gain your spiritual strength

Bamberg. A town often referred to as "Franconian Rome". The alias has its origins in the seven hills that rise up above the river. And it is across these slopes that runners taking part in the Bamberg World Heritage Race jog and sprint.
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Nesselwang branch
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87484 Nesselwang
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