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Relaxing in Reutte – visiting the Alpentherme Ehrenberg (Ehrenberg Alpine thermal bath)

An article from "All Inn"

If you long for warmer temperatures when the grey autumn weather is getting you down, a visit to the thermal bath is perfect for you. That's why we visited the Alpentheme (Alpine thermal bath) in Ehrenberg for you. Was it worth it? Find out here.

Our trip to the Alpentherme in Reutte starts at Innsbruck main station. We first reach Garmisch-Partenkirchen with the Werdenfelsbahn (Werdenfelser Land railway) and then continue straight on to Reutte in Tyrol from there. The journey takes around 2 hours.

We enjoy the gorgeous landscape passing by during our hearty breakfast while relaxing back in our seats. We travel past the imposing Olympic ski jump in Garmisch, the rocky peak of the Zugspitze mountain and the gorgeous landscape of the Ammergau Alps. A treat for the eyes.

After a very relaxed journey where we were able to unwind, we reach the train station "Reutte Schulzentrum".

After a leisurely walk of around 10 minutes, we reach our destination – the Alpentherme Ehrenberg thermal bath. Despite its central location, the thermal bath is situated in a quiet, idyllic area at the edge of the forest, surrounded by a gorgeous mountain landscape of the Lechtal, Allgäu and Ammergau Alps. The ideal surroundings to spend a couple of hours relaxing.

Sport and relaxation at the thermal bath

Therme Ehrenberg consists of spacious bathing areas for adults and children. Inside there are various pools with pleasant temperatures of between 31 and 33 degrees. For example, the adventure pool. With 4 swimming lanes, each 25 metres long, this pool is perfect if you want swim a couple of lengths.

Anyone who prefers to take it easier can enjoy soothing massage jets, neck showers and bubble loungers in the adventure pool. There is a large salt-water pool in the outdoor pool section. The pool, which has a pleasant temperature and salt water content of 3 per cent, is the perfect location to rest and relax with its bubble loungers and massage jets, as well as the glorious view of the Ehrenberg castle ruins.

There is also a large area for relaxing outside with a gorgeous sun terrace. Perfect for the weather today.

Top quality saunas

Alpentherme Ehrenberg has a large range of modern saunas. The indoor area with a modern design has three saunas. It features the Alpensauna (Alpine Sauna), a traditional Finnish sauna of 90 degrees. Various infusions take place here throughout the day. Usually alternating with the Landsknechtsauna (Mercenary Sauna) outside. There is also large salt-water steam bath and a fantastic saltarium with milder temperatures of between 45 and 50 degrees.

There are three other great saunas in the outside area – the fire sauna gives you a great sauna experience with a cabin-like atmosphere. A pleasant 70 degrees, an open fireplace, a crackling fire, relaxing music and ergonomic wooden loungers are perfect if you really want to chill out. The 80-degree Rosensauna (Rose Sauna) is an experience for all the senses with its various fragrances. And, last but not least, there's the huge 90-degree Landsknechtsauna, one of the largest sauna cabins in Tyrol. A true highlight for all sauna fans.

Rest and relaxation between sauna sessions can be found in the large outdoor pool as well as in the two rest rooms in the sauna area and in the inside area. The restaurant (which is inside the facility) will cater to your culinary needs with its great selection of food and drinks.

Activities before and after the thermal bath

If you fancy doing something before or after visiting the thermal baths, there's a whole load of fantastic activities that you can do in Reutte. Anyone who's looking for an adrenaline rush and wants to test their head for heights definitely shouldn't miss out on the highline 179. This is one of the longest pedestrian bridges in the world. It spans the valley of the famous B179 Fernpassstraße road at a dizzying height and connects the ruins of Ehrenberg castle with Fort Claudia. The 360-degree view from the bridge is sensational.

If you want to experience culture and history up close, you can go on an exciting journey through time to the 14th century in the Burgwelt Ehrenberg castle complex. Go on a castle tour and then visit the museum to learn about the exciting history of the knight Heinrich and his sweetheart Maria up close and with all your senses.

If you enjoy getting out into nature, a walk around the idyllic Plansee lake is definitely recommended. The gorgeous circular walk around the Plansee lake has only slight inclines and can be extended or shortened with a motorboat journey.

Travel cheaply and conveniently with the train to Reutte

We travelled from Innsbruck to Reutte with the Werdenfelsbahn (Werdenfelser Land railway). The Werdenfelsbahn connects parts of Tyrol with Werdenfelser Land in Bavaria. We bought the DB Regio day ticket for Werdenfelser Land (+ Innsbruck) region in advance from the DB Regio online ticket shop. With this ticket you can travel from just EUR 12.80 per person (if there are five of you travelling) from Innsbruck to large areas of Bavaria and various places in Tyrol. And also to Reutte.

With the day ticket for Werdenfelser Land (+ Innsbruck) region you can travel for an entire day in DB local trains and Oberbayernbus (RVO GmbH) buses, as well as additional regional transport companies throughout all of Werdenfelser Land. In addition, all S-Bahns in the Münchner Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund (Munich Transport and Tariff Association, MVV) and the regional trains in the Munich S-Bahn area are included.

Whether you're relaxing in Reutte, testing your sporting mettle by climbing up to the Zugspitze summit cross or sitting enjoying yourself in a beer garden in Munich. Werdenfelser Land is huge and has plenty to offer.

Offer: day ticket for Werdenfelser Land (+ Innsbruck) region

  • EUR 24 for 1 person, each additional person is EUR 10 more
  • Up to 5 people can travel together
  • Up to three children aged between 6 and 15 years can also travel along with you
  • Valid for 1 day in parts of Tyrol and all of Werdenfelser Land
  • Valid in all DB local trains as well as in the buses of Oberbayernbus (RVO GmbH) and additional regional transport companies

CONCLUSION:A visit to the Alpentherme in Reutte was definitely worth it. Travelling by rail is cheap and extremely relaxed. The thermal bath is fantastic and provides everything for a relaxed wellness day for two with its diverse range of offerings. Combined with a visit to the highline 179 bridge or the Burgwelt Ehrenberg castle complex, a visit to Reutte is ideal for a day trip.

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