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Eating with a difference – four restaurant tips for those who want to explore new, exciting horizons in Bavaria that sometimes might take some getting used to.


Are you looking for something other than roast pork, pasta and pizza? Here are a couple of exciting alternatives – they might take some stomaching at first but they will be sure to reward you with some unforgettable culinary experiences.

One of a kind: Mongo's restaurant in Munich

At Mongo's, everyone decides for themselves what should appear on their plate: How about some insects, or some camel meat maybe?
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Visiting this restaurant is a good food adventure – in line with the ancient principle of Mongolian barbecue, the guests put together their own menu at the buffet. The origin of this method of preparation can be traced back to the time when the Mongols were a people composed of warriors and nomads that fed themselves on food from the region that was quick, natural and nutritious. The food featured a simple mix of ingredients and was prepared on an open fire. At Mongo's you can choose from familiar and exotic ingredients ranging from pork, beef, spinach and water chestnuts to kangaroo and crocodile. After choosing these ingredients, you can select a marinade and watch the chefs prepare your meal.  You can even sample insects at Mongo's every now and then – can you pass this bushtucker trial?

Do you like spicy food? Really really spicy? For example, in the WĂĽrzburg snack bar Mywurscht you can sample a Currywurst (curry sausage) with Indian chilli, habanero curry and Mexican sauce; the level of spice is reminiscent of the feeling of taking a big swig from a bottle of Tabasco sauce. But don't worry, you can also try the "mild" or "moderately spicy" versions so that you can enjoy your sausage without burning your mouth.

Boo!!! "Spooky" dinner in Regensburg

At the "Gruseldinner" (spooky dinner) at Haus Heuport in Regensburg, you may struggle to concentrate on your four-course meal.
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Think dining with Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Dracula, etc. sounds great? Then thrill yourself and your tastebuds at the "Gruseldinner" (spooky dinner) in Regensburg. The four-course menu, for example with a blood-coloured soup, salmon from Transylvanian mountain streams, bled-dry pork with a port wine sauce and a gratin from the grave, is almost incidental when terrifying creatures come to life all around you in five acts.

Murder mystery dinner in Augsburg

Take part in a murder mystery dinner at the "Wirtshaus Riegele" restaurant in Augsburg, where you can eat and solve a murder at the same time. The event takes its inspiration from the German detective series "Tatort".
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Amateur detectives are in their element here. In contrast to sitting at home in front of the television, guests at the crime thriller dinner at the Riegele Wirtshaus restaurant in Augsburg can influence the action themselves. This makes things particularly exciting because no one knows what's going to happen next. You can see performances of shows including Soko Semmelknödel (CSI semolina dumplings), Tarte de la mort or Scherlock Holmes und die vergiftete Maultäschlesupp (Sherlock Holmes and the poisoned Swabian ravioli soup). At the height of the action during the crime thriller dinner, you could almost forget that there's also some fantastic food on offer.

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