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Join Bruno the dachshund on a trip through time

Adventures are my favourite thing. And so are discoveries! That's why I love to find great destinations for family outings. Here are my top tips for exciting trips back in time no matter where you go in Bavaria.


Hi! It's me, Bruno the dachshund. Us sausage dogs are famous for our curiosity and taste for adventure, and I'm definitely no exception. Whenever I go somewhere, I start exploring my surroundings straight away, sniffing out the good things and looking for my next adventure. All I have to do is pick a destination in Bavaria, get on a train and find the most exciting activities when I get there. Now I want to tell you what they are.

Travelling around the region, I get to see all kinds of exciting things. But my journeys are about more than just having fun – I also learn fascinating facts about the history of Bavaria different towns.

A tour of Regensburg – a special daytrip to a special town

Criss-crossing Regensburg's old towns is one of my most favourite things ever. There are so many little cobblestone streets, lined with houses that are hundreds of years old. So many corners in the town look just like they did in the Middle Ages. Once upon a time, there was a small group of wealthy families in Regensburg. They were called the "patricians", and some of their houses are still standing. I love looking at them. If you want to learn more about how people lived in medieval Regensburg, get your parents to book a place for you on a tour of the town. The one you should pick is called the Schlaumaus tour. It means "clever mouse" in German, and it is run by the Stadtmaus tour guides. When I went on the tour, I got to wear a real chainmail coat. It covered every inch of my body – you could barely see my nose! Speaking of noses, I always follow mine because it brings me to the oldest sausage restaurant in the world. It's called Wurstkuchl, or "little sausage kitchen", and it's definitely my favourite place in the whole town. Everybody knows me here, and because I'm just so cute, I always get a few treats when I visit. Sausages for a sausage dog! The beautiful cathedral is something you really have to see when you're in Regensburg. It has all kinds of great tours, activities and information just for children. What's the connection between butter and the cathedral's stained glass windows? How do you make tea and ointments from herbs? Why is there a blue donkey in the church? And where are the devil and his grandmother hiding? Every time I visit the cathedral, there's always something new to see. If you want to find out what's happening right now, just take a look here.

Speed city tour in Regensburg

Ice cream from “Gelini” in Neupfarrplatz square on the way up to Domplatz square and other attractions in just 60 minutes.
Nächstgelegener Bahnhof:
Regensburg Hbf (main station)

Jousting, sieges, storming castles – a playground for knights in Pfronten-Ried 

Let's stay in the Middle Ages, the era of knights and damsels. Pfronten is a town right on the border with Austria, and its neighbourhood of Ried has a real playground for medieval knights, with a castle keep, tower – and a suspension bridge. There's even a jousting horse made of wood and a target called a quintain. You've got to pedal as hard as you can and hold onto your lance as tight as possible. When I had a go, I was all out of breath afterwards, but it was worth it! Sometimes, real knights in armour come to the playground to show how children used to play long ago, in the 14th century. Ask your parents to take a look at the programme of events before you pick the day to go to Pfrönten.

A knight's playground: for the little lords and ladies of the castle

A medieval playground: On a day out to the "King's nook" region in the Allgäu, children can play at being knights in this medieval playground in Pfronten. Then follow the smell of hops and malt to the "Falkenstein" brewery and restaurant.
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Sonnberg toy museum: the history of teddy bears, dolls and other playthings

Do you like playing FIFA Football, PokĂ©mon and Mario Kart? Me too! But these playthings didn't exist hundreds of years ago, when there were no smartphones, PlayStations or computers. They're all recent inventions, so what games did children play in the past? If you want to find out, then come to the toy museum in Sonnberg. It shows visitors how playtime and children's toys have changed over the centuries. The museum contains Germany's oldest collection of toys and a huge number of other playthings from all over the world. Another thing that makes this museum so great is the way it lets you get active and start your own game in the two play areas. During the school holidays, the organisers put on a great series of events in the afternoon. Because I love finding things, the museum quiz was my favourite activity. I explored all the displays from top to bottom while I was looking for the answers to the competition's tricky questions. It was perfect for a tracker dog like me!

German Toy Museum in Sonnenberg

Visiting the town on the southern border of the Thuringian Forest is bound to make your children’s eyes light up! There is much to see at the German Toy Museum in Sonneberg!
Nächstgelegener Bahnhof:
Sonneberg (ThĂĽringen) Hbf (main station)

Augsburg's rich and powerful families from long ago – the Fuggers and the Welsers

Us dogs miss nothing when we're hunting for adventure, so I've found another fascinating place for you to visit in Bavaria: Augsburg's museum about the Fuggers and Welsers. They are two famous families from the 15th and 16th centuries, and they weren't just incredibly rich, but they also had a lot of power. They used their money to pay for a lot of buildings in Augsburg, and they were so rich that they even built an entire section of the town. It's called the Fuggerei, and it's still standing. It's got its own church, and it's a group of houses where people live. In the past, Augsburg was one of the most important towns for merchants and traders in Europe. The Fugger and Welser Museum focuses on the town's trading network, and it uses all kinds of displays to explain what Augsburg was like back then. Using the listening posts, video screens and written information, you'll get to know Jakob the Rich and Bartholomäus the Fifth in person, and you can even talk to them. You also get the chance to be a ship's captain and find out how difficult – and dangerous – voyages at sea were in the past. After all, there were pirates and sea monsters everywhere... There is so much to discover and do at the Fugger and Welser Museum that I just can't decide what I like most.

The Fugger and Welser Museum

Discover up close the history of the merchant families that shaped Augsburg.
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Augsburg Hbf (main station)

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