Stefan Hahn, 21, is from Regensburg, which he considers to be the most beautiful city in Bavaria. Before his departure, he shares with us why he still likes to travel to other Bavarian cities.

       1. Why are you travelling and where are you off to?

I sometimes travel to other cities so I can sketch there. I’m currently in Nuremberg where I’ve been sketching the station.

       2. What do you like about travelling by train?

You don’t need to worry about anything and can simply relax. I find it great that I can sketch, read or listen to music on my journey. The time can be spent doing things I want to do.

       3. What music do you listen to on your journey?

Anything. I’ve found my old MP3 player again so at the moment it’s mostly older songs.

       4. Is there a place in Bavaria that you always return to?

Yes, I’ve been to Weilheim a lot. My grandma lives there and it’s right in the mountains.

       5. When travelling by train, who do you like to travel with the most?

That depends on my mood. Of course, it’s nice travelling with friends and sharing the things that you see and experience. But sometimes it’s just more relaxing to travel alone. You often meet new people – which is another thing I like about travelling by train.



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