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Indoor sport and fun

When the weather is bad, sports fans and thrill seekers can have a great time with these five indoor activities in Bavaria.


Bubble soccer, crazy golf and football billiards in Fürth

At "indoor Sport Fürth" leisure centre, visitors can either try out new sports or play the more familiar ones. It offers everything from football billiards to beach volleyball.
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With bubble football, you and your fellow players are inside air-filled, transparent rubber balls. This makes kicking the ball in the goal particularly challenging. You can also play football-mini-golf at the Indoor Sport facility in Fürth. Instead of a club, you use your feet to kick the ball through the obstacles, into the hole. Of course, you can also play “regular” football and mini golf here. For team players there is also a beach volleyball pitch with heated sand, as well as badminton courts and field hockey pitches.

eKart-Center Würzburg

Faster, quieter and absolutely no exhaust fumes: Once you've had a taste of driving an electric go-kart, you won't want to drive anything else ever again.
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Fancy being on a race track like Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel? Hop in a go-kart. The eKart Center in Würzburg uses electric drive vehicles – environmentally friendly and super fast. Put the pedal to the metal and let’s go!

Indoor Funpark Pleinfeld

Why not try out something new, like football billiards and be a human cue, or play crazy golf in the dark.
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Indoor Funpark Pleinfeld offers indoor activities in Bavaria for every preference. It’s up to you whether you want to challenge yourself with football billiards, laser battles or on the cart course – or train your brain trying to free yourself from an escape room.

Climbing on a bouldering wall trains not only all muscle groups in the body, but also coordination, dexterity and concentration levels. Climbing routes of different difficulty levels await to be conquered at the Monkey Cage Aschaffenburg, both for experienced climbers as well as beginners.

Beach volleyball, beach football and workout sessions in the sand: Bavarians don’t need to fly to the Caribbean to do this, or abandon their plans if it rains in the summer – Beach38 is open all year around. The vacation vibe at the venue’s beach bar is included.

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indoor Sport Fürth
Nearest station: Fürth main station Leyher Straße 80
90763 Fürth
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