Train passengers of the month in June

Florian Eder and Sebastian Kraus are on their way from Munich to Moosburg

  1. Where are you travelling to and what awaits you there?

We are travelling home to Moosburg and we will meet some friends to have a barbecue by the Isar river.

        2. Why did you choose to travel by rail?

Travelling by car is simply too much effort. We also wanted to have a couple of beers in Munich (laughing).

        3. What's your nicest experience travelling by rail?

Florian: When I was in the seventh year at school, I got to know some people on the train because they were playing the same game as I was on their Playstation Portable. We're still friends now.

        4. What music would you recommend for long train journeys?

Sebastian: I like listening to Gorillaz. It's really easy to get lost in your own thoughts.

         5. Who's your favourite person to travel by rail with?
We like travelling by rail with friends. You have always got something to talk about, you can play games together and the time goes very quickly.

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