11 reasons to finally go travelling with friends again

In our stressful everyday lives, it's hard to stay in contact with friends – let alone travel together. But there are of plenty of good reasons why you should.


1. Travelling with friends charges your emotional batteries. You can live off good memories for years. Television only entertains you for the time that you are watching it.

2. Numerous psychological studies show that if you travel together with friends, you will be braver and try things that you would normally be scared of. This is not only due to the fact that you are travelling in a group. Much more important for this new confidence is the fact that you are with friends, according to scientists.

3. Experts are also agreed – unexpected mutual experiences bring us together. Because people get to know each other even better in these types of situations. You also find out whether you can rely on a supposed friend. For example, if they run away screaming and leave you alone in the woods with a brown bear.

4. If you travel together with friends, you can save money – with group discounts of course. You can also save in the evening and get extra benefits as well. For example, you can order strange dishes in restaurants and share them. So if one of you doesn't like it, someone else will be sure to be a fan. And when that's the case, you can simply trade it for their pizza.

5. You gain plenty of insider anecdotes when travelling together that make a winning team for playing games like Taboo (please don't overdo it with the poker tricks in the casino).

6. You can only reminisce with people that you have travelled with. Looking through pictures together also ensures enjoyment months and years later. And you'll be able to see how good you all looked back in the day. 

7. And how thin you were.

8. "And then I rescued the lamb out of the eagle's talons!" There are some experiences that no one back home will believe. So it's good if you've got witnesses with you.

9. Planning and studying maps together means you can have that holiday feeling a lot earlier. Try it some time with a package holiday catalogue.

10. Have you ever played "I spy" on your own? Or "20 questions"? Travelling together saves you from getting some very strange looks on the train.

11. Standing on this peak again. Ten, twenty years later. And realising the bonds between you that there were then and there will always be. That's what friends are for.


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