Travelling with children – Ammergau Alps

The 3 most beautiful family hiking trips in the Ammergau Alps

A toddler in a carrier, a school-aged child holding your hand or a teen by your side – here are the best mountaineering routes for every age group.

Choosing the right mountaineering trail when you have children with you can be a challenge. If your child is too little to walk, you’ll need a trail where carrying them won’t be a problem. If the child is able to walk on their own, the trail must be sufficiently exciting while not being too challenging. And which hiking trail is the right one for teens? The Ammergau Alps have an abundance of them.

Cabin "Tegelberghaus"

Hiking and feasting in the Allgäu

Tegelberg mountain has breathtaking views, a route suitable for walking with a baby carrier on your back, and enough action for older children. First, ride to the top of the ... more

Mountain restaurant Tegelberghaus
Tegelberg 1
87645 Schwangau

Nearest station: Füssen

Majestic cabin magic near Unterammergau

The August Schuster house, which is also called Pürschlinghaus, is situated above Schloss Linderhof palace (pictured) at a height of 1,564 metres. It previously served as a hunting cabin for the ... more

82497 Unterammergau

Nearest station: Unterammergau

The Altherrenweg (old man's way) – not just a route for sprightly men

Contrary to what the name suggests, this circular route with its forest streams and wooden sculptures isn't just an experience for older men.

No one in living memory in Oberammergau knows where the Altherrenweg gets its name from. But it certainly isn't just something for elderly hikers, but also a relaxing tour for everyone, and ... more

WellenBerg Oberammergau
Himmelreich 52
82487 Oberammergau


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