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Castles, towers, hay – unusual hotels


According to an old German saying, sleep is a thief that steals half of your life. That's rubbish of course. Even sleeping can be an experience. Like in these very special places to stay the night in Bavaria:

A right royal night's sleep at Hotel "Burg Abenberg"

Stay at Hotel "Burg Abenberg" and you'll feel yourself transported back to the Middle Ages. However, there is also no end to the luxury in this hotel.
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Every room is an experience: Hotel Orphée in Regensburg

Hotel Orphée in Regensburg has true "star" quality. After all, it has played host to countless photo shoots for several magazines.
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Spectacular views from the Burghotel in Rothenburg ob der Tauber

The Burghotel in Rothenburg ob der Tauber is nestled right up against the city walls. Take a stroll through this historic old town and discover its enchanting past.
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Burg Abenberg
Nearest station: Schwabach Burgstraße 16
91183 Abenberg
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