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Llamas, wolves and camels – wild animals in Bavaria


Pigs, sheep and cows? Forget it! There are some really unusual creatures in Bavaria – namely (amongst other things) wolves, reptiles and llamas. You can find out where these wild animals can be seen in Bavaria here:

Llama trekking near GroĂźhelfendorf

If you’re getting off at Großhelfendorf it will take you less than a quarter of an hour to get to know the exotic side of Upper Bavaria.
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You'll be sure not to have the hump when riding one of these magnificent creatures

Camel riding in the Mangfall valley? Absolutely! If you arrive with the S-Bahn, you can even get picked up right from the station. By the camel itself.
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Wolves at the WildPark Tambach castle

Cows, pigs, goats – boooooooring. There are a lot of exotic animals to discover in Bavaria. We will tell you where.
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Travelling through the Labertal valley with pack mules

The pack animals carry your belongings, of course, and you will appreciate this the further into the trip you are.
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Admire reptiles in Oberammergau

Snakes, lizards, tortoises and poison dart frogs – over 135 animals live at the Reptilienhaus Oberammergau reptile house.
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Wild birds in Olching

You can see about 500 birds from all over the world in aviaries, pavilions, pond areas and outdoor enclosures.
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Lamaland Loher llama land
Nearest station: Großhelfendorf Neugöggenhofen 7
85653 Aying
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