Auf dem Falkenstein Radweg Burg Falkenstein Rathausplatz Regensburg Schiffe am Ufer der Donau in Regensburg Steinerne Br├╝cke in Regensburg Foto: Bartlomiej Banaszak, Lizenz: Deutsche Bahn AG Fahrrad Burg Falkenstein Schloss Sch├Ânberg Steinerne Br├╝cke und Dom Regensburg

Pleasure cycling with panoramic views

From Falkenstein Castle to Regensburg

6 h
45 km
Key facts of the tour
Meadows, fields, lakes, rolling hills, shady forest, fairytale rocks and panoramic views down to Regensburg again and again - that's what awaits you on this bike tour. Falkenstein Castle and Sch├Ânberg Castle add to the romantic flair.

The Regensburg-Falkenstein cycle path leads downhill towards Regensburg.
This makes the tour appealing even for less experienced cyclists.

You start at Regensburg's main railway station. The bike rental Rent A Bike provides you with rental bikes from Mon to Sat. The bicycle bus line 34 takes you from Regensburg to Falkenstein with your bike at 11:15 a.m. Mon to Sat during holidays, and at 10:15 a.m. on Sundays and public holidays. Please book the transfer Monday to Friday during office hours by calling the RVV on 0941 6000122 before you start your excursion.
Information at:
Bicycle parking and lifts are available at the station.
A cycling tour for nature lovers and families.

Arrive relaxed and use rental bikes from the local rental companies. The capacity for taking bicycles on the trains is limited and taking your own bike on the train cannot be guaranteed, depending on the capacity.

Start and end station

Start station
Regensburg Hbf
5 tour steps
45 km / 6 Stunden
End station
Regensburg Hbf

Our tip: Please make sure to check your train connection and the expected capacity before you start your journey.


Tour starts on Regensburg Hbf


DB Bicycle Service Hbf. Regensburg

There are 488 bicycle parking spaces in the immediate vicinity of the station.

The DB app Rad+ can be used to collect kilometres cycled in the participating cities and then exchange them with exclusive partners.

Regensburg Hbf Bahnhofstra├če 18

Foto: Bartlomiej Banaszak, Lizenz: Deutsche Bahn AG


When you come out of the station building, turn left. Right next to the west wing of the station you will find your bike rental.

rent a bike Regensburg

There is a wide range of high quality rental bikes to choose from. Bicycle service and the sale of bikes is also possible.

So if necessary, repairs can also be made to bikes you have brought with you. Good equipment including cycling maps is available for the planned cycling tour. The RENT A BIKE team is always available to recommend tours around Regensburg.

Whether it's a trip to Passau or Vienna, the return transport of bicycles with or without people is also organised. Please arrange or request appointments in advance.

Bahnhofstra├če 18

Phone: 09415998193
Monday: 10:00am - 07:00pm
Tuesday: 10:00am - 07:00pm
Thursday: 10:00am - 07:00pm
Friday: 10:00am - 07:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am - 07:00pm


Bus line 34, the bicycle bus that takes you and your bike to Falkenstein, stops directly at Regensburg's main railway station. You should call the Regensburger Verkehrsverbund (RVV) before you start your journey to register the transport of bicycles. Tandems, tricycles or recumbents, cannot be carried. Information at:

The ticket is only available on the bus. The bicycle bus will take you to Falkenstein bus station. From here, follow Bahnhofstra├če and then Burgstra├če up to Falkenstein Castle.

Falkenstein Castle

Falkenstein Castle can be seen from afar. The granite rock on which it stands rises about 60 metres above the valley. The castle was built between 1050 and 1148 by the Counts of Bogen.

The castle walls are made of quarry stones. In the style of the core castle, one can still recognise the medieval Romanesque construction, which was supplemented in the 17th century with late Renaissance elements. These include the arcades on the ground and upper floors and the castle chapel.

The outer bailey, which you pass as you enter the castle, originally contained a granary that was later converted into a manor house.

The surrounding battlement was called the "Weiberwehr" (women's defence) from the 15th century onwards. The name recalls that it was women who successfully defended the castle against an attack by Hussites in 1430.

Today the castle belongs to the municipality and contains a museum for a collection of hunting trophies. The museum is currently closed. The keep can be climbed as a lookout tower between 9 am and 10 pm.

Every year from the end of June to the end of July, the Burghofspiele are held.


Phone: 09462 911129
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Burg Falkenstein


From Falkenstein Castle, you head to the Regensburg-Falkenstein cycle path.
You cycle along the former railway line and can soon enjoy various vantage points and adventurously shaped rock stones such as the "Sleeping Snake".
Numerous benches and resting pavilions are ideal for having a picnic with the provisions you have brought along.
After 31 km of varied cycling, you have reached Wenzenbach and Sch├Ânberg Castle.

Sch├Ânberg Castle

In Sch├Ânberg Castle, the castle that once towered over Wenzenbach can still be guessed at in its core. Even today, individual components of the castle can be traced back to the time when the castle was built. Ceiling beams in the cellar of the chapel, for example, can be dated to the year 1253/54.
The castle initially belonged to the Lords of Hohenfels, later to the Bishops of Regensburg and the Dukes of Bavaria. From the 14th century onwards, there were frequent changes of ownership. From 1728 onwards, alterations were made to the castle as it is today.
Today the castle is privately owned and houses a doctor's practice and guest rooms. Concerts are held here from time to time. Overnight stays or tours can be arranged on request.

Am Schlo├č 2

Phone: 09407-9586830
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Schloss Sch├Ânberg
Schloss Sch├Ânberg


Follow the cycle path and you will eventually enter Regensburg along the Regensburg-Hof railway line at the level of the districts of Wutzlhofen, Brandlberg and Konradsiedlung. You cross the Regen and the Europakanal and pass through the picturesque district of Stadtamhof, which was once an independent market town and has only been part of Regensburg since 1924.
The famous Stone Bridge leads you into Regensburg's old town.

Stone Bridge Regensburg

Where today the Stone Bridge, one of Regensburg's landmarks, connects the old town and Stadtamhof, the Celts and Romans are said to have crossed the river in ancient times. Charlemagne had a ship's bridge built here in 792.

Merchants are said to have commissioned the Stone Bridge, the construction of which began in the particularly dry summer of 1135. The city, which was already rich and important at the time, thus secured its trade route.

The Stone Bridge was still considered a wonder of the world in the Middle Ages because it was built in only 11 years. In subsequent times, the bridge was given three large bridge towers. Only one of them is still preserved: the southern bridge tower, built at the end of the 13th century, the entrance tower to the historic city area.

For about 800 years, the Stone Bridge was considered the only reliable crossing of the Danube.
It spans the river with a length of more than 300 metres.

The little bridge man on the eastern side of the bridge is shrouded in legend. It is said to be a reference to the fact that the master builder of the bridge competed with the master builder of the cathedral, which was under construction at the same time, to see whose building would be completed first. It has long since ceased to be the original figure that today sits astride a roof ridge, looking out towards the cathedral. After the first, dating from the 15th century, was destroyed in a fire and the second in the Napoleonic wars, the present one was created in 1849 as a free, artistic copy of its predecessor.

Steinerne Br├╝cke

Steinerne Br├╝cke und Dom Regensburg
Salzstadel an der Steinernen Br├╝cke

Tour ends on Regensburg Hbf


If you want to end the day appropriately after encountering so much history and still have a little time before you return your bike to the rental shop, we recommend going to the five-hundred-year-old "Historische Wurstkuchl" at Thundorferstr. 3, 93047 Regensburg, right next to the city bridge. Opening hours 10 am to 6 pm. But there are also gastronomic options for less hearty cravings on the way to the station. From there, the DB will bring you back home safe and sound after an active day.

Tour map


Regensburg Hbf

Bahnhofstr. 18

93047 Regensburg

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