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Hassfurt Mainauen, Foto: Folker Bergmann Hassfurter Main, Foto: A. Hub Weinberg Schmachtenberg im Abt Degen Weintal, Foto: Folker Bergmann Dippach Mainaue-Turm, Foto: A. Hub Luftbild Sand am Main, Foto: Folker Bergmann Wein aus dem Abt Degen Weintal, Foto: Andrea Gaspar-Klein l VGN GmbH Zeiler Hexenturm , Foto: Stadt Zeil Fischlehrpfad Sand am Main, Foto: Florian-Trykowski Vogelbeobachtungsturm, Foto: Hassberge Tourismus e.V. Ritterkapelle HaƟfurt, Foto: Folker Bergmann

Through the Main meadows from Zeil to HaƟfurt

Nature, culture and enjoyment await you in the HaƟberge Nature Park! Sun-drenched vineyards and green meadows along the Main serve as a backdrop for your hiking trip by train.

Zeil am Main
4 h
14 km
Key facts of the tour
The tour tempts you with all kinds of culinary delights and also enchants you with diverse nature experiences and cultural highlights. You start in Zeil, which is steeped in history and rich in stories. In the Abt-Degen wine valley, winegrowers entice you into their inns and wine taverns, where you can taste the characterful Silvaner wines and Franconian specialities. The landscape is captivating with sun-drenched vineyards in steep slopes directly on the Main. The Main meadows are home to rare flora and fauna. Bird lovers are advised to have binoculars at hand. The fascinating end of the tour is HaƟfurt with its historic town centre and the important knight's chapel.
A hiking tour for connoisseurs, culture lovers and nature lovers

Start and end station

Start station
Startpunkt Bahnhof Zeil a.M.
4 tour steps
14 km / 4 Stunden
End station
HaƟfurt Bahnhof

Our tip: Please make sure to check your train connection and the expected capacity before you start your journey.


Tour starts on Startpunkt Bahnhof Zeil a.M.


On the way from BahnhofstraƟe to Zeil market square, the romantic flair of the little town becomes more and more noticeable. Half-timbered houses and small inns, typical of the Abbot Degen wine valley. Abbot Alberich Degen, who brought Silvaner wine to Franconia, was born in Zeil. If you want to stock up on local wine for a picnic, the NĆ¼sslein wine house in Zeil is recommended, Am Marktplatz 1 in Zeil.

The market square boasts a unique half-timbered ensemble, with late Gothic and Baroque masterpieces in between. The town fountain and the town hall are also worth seeing. You can already see the Witches' Tower from the market square.

Zeil Witch Tower Documentation Centre

Zeil am Main was once heavily involved in the history of the "witch hunt". In the "Zeil Witch Tower" documentation centre, the history of the "witch hunt" is vividly presented. With the help of individual fates and numerous contemporary documents, the topic is vividly conveyed to the visitor and encourages reflection on mechanisms of exclusion. In addition, the centre also offers space for special exhibitions.

Obere TorstraƟe14
Zeil a.Main

Phone: 09524 949861

15.03.2021 - 30.10.2021
Thursday: 11:00 - 17:00
Friday: 11:00 - 17:00
Saturday: 11:00 - 17:00
Sunday: 11:00 - 17:00
Zeiler Hexenturm , Foto: Stadt Zeil


This is where the actual hike begins: Walk back a little in the direction of the railway station until you reach the Sparkasse bank. From here, turn right into Sander StraƟe, which you follow for 2 km.

Once you arrive in Sand, you can take a short detour to the Rippstein Winery, Anger 14 in Sand am Main. You can also drop in outside opening hours by prior arrangement by telephone. Telephone: (09524) 5167. From here you can easily find the Sander Baggersee and campsite, where the "LIFE-Natur-Erlebnispfad" is signposted.

LIFE Nature Discovery Trail

The LIFE Nature Experience Trail is about 2.4 km long and can be extended to 4.5 km. A high lookout provides a central information point where visitors can learn about the flora and fauna that are still diverse here on information boards. At the same time, the view can stretch far across the water into the reed-rich floodplain. There are also bird-watching spots and information points along the way. For children, there are numerous play elements and tasks along the way. On hot days, the nature trail delights with its lush and shady-cool nature. There are also great play elements for getting to know nature. It is recommended to bring binoculars for bird watching. You can see the grey heron, the great egret, the curlew, various species of geese. And if you are lucky, you might even see a kingfisher.

Fischlehrpfad Sand am Main, Foto: Florian-Trykowski
LIFE-Natur-Erlebnispfad Sonnenuntergang Mainauen, Foto: Folker Bergmann


Continue walking along the Main towards Augsfeld/HaƟfurt until you reach the Mainauen. The bird watching tower is visible from afar.

Birdwatching tower

The birdwatching tower near Hassfurt stands in the middle of the 146-hectare nature reserve. Numerous rare bird species have gradually resettled here. The tower offers information on the birds living here, which visitors can also observe well from up here if they have time. The tower rewards the climb up the spiral staircase with a magnificent panoramic view over the Main meadows.

Vogelbeobachtungsturm, Foto: Hassberge Tourismus e.V.
Dippach Vogelbeobachtung , Foto: Hub


Continue to orientate yourself along the Main and walk first between water and meadows, finally past the Hassfurt-Schweinfurt airfield, onto FlugplatzstraƟe. From there, keep walking in the direction of HaƟfurt city centre. At the large crossing Obere Vorstadt - Heideloffplatz, the Ritterkapelle is already visible.

Knights' Chapel HaƟfurt

The landmark and most important building in the historic town of Hassfurt is the late Gothic Knights' Chapel. It was originally dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The name Ritterkapelle (Knight's Chapel) has come into use because of the numerous coats of arms that can be found on the cornice of the choir. It is a book of coats of arms of the German nobility that has never been seen. The foundation stone of the choir was laid around 1390, that of the long house in 1431. The sacred building has some valuable works of art. For example, above the door of the west portal is the "Fourth Virtue Man" stretched between the four cardinal virtues, whose symbols are on his hands and feet: Temperance, Justice, Fortitude, Prudence. The late Gothic parish church also houses valuable works by Tilman Riemenschneider, such as the sculptures of John the Baptist and Mary with the Child.

Obere Vorstadt 17

Email Address: ritterkapelle.hassfurt.net
Monday: 09:00 - 18:00
Tuesday: 09:00 - 18:00
Wednesday: 09:00 - 18:00
Thursday: 09:00 - 18:00
Friday: 09:00 - 18:00
Saturday: 09:00 - 18:00
Sunday: 09:00 - 18:00
Ritterkapelle HaƟfurt, Foto: Folker Bergmann
Ritterkapelle, Foto: Stadt-Hassfurt

Tour ends on HaƟfurt Bahnhof


If you would like to stop off at a traditional pub to round off the day, we recommend the Wirtshaus zum Fass, at HauptstraƟe 59, only 500 metres from the Ritterkapelle. From here, walk along the main road in the direction of BahnhofsstraƟe and you will be at HaƟfurt railway station in no time.

Tour map


Startpunkt Bahnhof Zeil a.M.


97475 Zeil am Main

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