Happiness on rails – Bavaria's most beautiful railway routes

The journey is the destination – these Bavarian railway routes will make your journey an experience.


Kurt Tucholsky wrote of hearing the locomotives whistle at night, longing to visit faraway places and turning over in his bed and thinking: travel!. These Bavarian railway routes will make any journey an experience. 

Crossing the border: The "Außerfernbahn" long-distance train

This railway track winds its way through the foothills of the Alps, past a glorious panoramic mountain landscape.
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Panoramic journey with the "Werdenfelsbahn"

As you gaze through the window of the train at the Upper Bavarian Alpine foreland and the Zugspitze passing by, you'll find that your ride with the Werdenfelsbahn has been transformed into a panoramic journey.
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Journey from Augsburg to Munich: Discover the history of the railway

Bertolt Brecht allegedly said that "the nicest thing about Augsburg is the train to Munich." Of course, that's not true at all. Augsburg always merits a visit.
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Augsburg main station
Nearest station: Augsburg main station Viktoriastraße 1
86150 Augsburg
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