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On the road in the best age Excursions in Bavaria for 65+

As the saying goes: at 66, that's when life begins. Just because you have reached retirement doesn't mean you have to be quiet. So the world is open to you. Sweeten your free time with a day trip in Bavaria. We have summarised for you which corners of Bavaria are particularly worthwhile for senior citizens.

Discover new things - for every age

There are enough excursion destinations in Bavaria that can be reached easily and comfortably by train. So the choice is not so easy. Whether you want to immerse yourself in Bavaria's history by following in the footsteps of the Wittelsbach dynasty or prefer to soak in the hot springs of the Bavarian thermal baths is up to you. Our recommendations are characterised by good accessibility by train and short walking distances. How about a bike tour through the Murnauer Moos? As a day trip for seniors or best agers, as it is called in new German, our excursion tips offer you a varied programme for the whole year. Why not try it out?

Enjoy your well-deserved leisure time in retirement with a day trip to the most beautiful corners of Bavaria.

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