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10 experiences at Bavarian stations


Your next train doesn't leave for another hour? Perfect! Short visits to these stations in Bavaria can be an experience. None of these trips take longer than around 60 minutes.

The artisans' yard in Nuremberg

The artisans' yard is a collection of small workshops that lets visitors see a living tradition of old handicrafts in Nuremberg. Afterwards, delicious food is available from the city's oldest sausage maker.
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Chilling around Munich main station

Fancy relaxing in nature or enjoying a cappuccino with a fifty's flair? For the former, we recommend visiting the fountain in the botanical gardens which are located five minutes away from the station.
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A day in Würzburg

Drink a glass of wine on the Old Main Bridge, admire your reflection in the palace's imperial hall and enjoy a meal at Germany's oldest pizzeria.
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A tour of the Danube metropolis Regensburg

Regensburg, the small metropolis on the Danube, has a lot to offer: From Regensburg Cathedral to the historic Wurstkuchl and the Steinerne Brücke, the city is the ideal destination for a day trip by train.
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A bit of exercise at the Sportland Erlangen leisure centre

Sportland Erlangen leisure centre is a five-minute walk away from the station. How about a quick round of bowling for example?
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Jewish Museum Augsburg Schwaben

A historic museum with modern relevance, the Jewish Museum Augsburg shows the development of Jewish culture in the southwest Bavaria region.
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Bayreuth: having a dip at the pool or going on a shopping spree

You can stroll through shops just ten minutes away from the station. The Bayreuth public swimming pool can be reached in five minutes.
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A walk along the Inn and the Danube

The Inn, the Donaulände area and monastery gardens can all be reached from the station in five to ten minutes.
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The Gärtner- und Häckermuseum (Market Gardeners’ and Wine-Growers' Museum) in Bamberg

Bamberg is famous for its horticulture. Dive into the life and work of gardeners and wine makers and visit the Gärtner- und Häckermuseum (Market Gardeners’ and Wine-Growers' Museum).
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