A behind-the-scenes look at Bavaria's film industry. Bavaria for film fans

The film industry also knows that Bavaria has got lots of beautiful places. Fancy a film location tour?


The cinema industry also knows that Bavaria has got lots of beautiful places. This is why some legendary films have been shot in Bavaria. Fancy a cinema culture and film location tour?

Greenscreen, Filmkamera und Schauspieler

The Bavaria Filmstadt in Grünwald

An exciting place for all ages: The Bavaria Filmstadt film studios in Grünwald, right next to Munich, offers guided tours, activities and a 4D motion simulation cinema. You won't tire of this place easily!
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Basilica St. Lorenz in Kempten

Blood and thunder: Inspector "Kluftinger" crime scenes in Kempten

Kempten is the setting of the popular German novels and TV series "Hauptkommissar Kluftinger", in which Chief Inspector Kluftinger always had his hands full.
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Festung Marienberg vor blauem Himmel

All for one and one for all: The Three Musketeers in Bavaria

Two thirds of the 2011 film "The Three Musketeers" was filmed in Bavaria. One of the biggest and most expensive productions that Europe has ever seen.
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Person im Mittelalterkostüm mit drei Besuchern

Flake: The Viking village in Kochel am See

A place where "strong men" live: This is where the children's film "Wickie und die starken Männer" (Wickie and the strong men) was filmed in 2008.
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Schloss Thurn und Taxis vor blauem Himmel

Glorious film backdrops: St. Emmeram Palace in Regensburg

St. Emmeram Palace in Regensburg is popular with film makers. It's where the German film director Marcus H. Rosenmüller filmed the Vatican scenes from his comedy "Wer's glaubt, wird selig" (a German turn of phrase meaning "A likely story!").
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Filmmuseum München mit Menschen, die auf Terrasse davor sitzen

For culture aficionados: The Filmmuseum in Munich

If you're wanting a cinema experience with a cultural twist, you should drop by the Filmmuseum in Munich.
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Bavaria Filmstadt
Nearest station: Munich main station Bavariafilmplatz 7
82031 Grünwald
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