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A trip to the Ammergau Alps with friends


Travelling with loved ones – two sisters from Bavaria take their best friends hiking in the Ammergau Alps. Relax and discover the most beautiful parts of Bavaria together with friends and the DB regional day ticket, as travelling together makes friendships stronger. 

Just follow the red signposts. That's all you have to do if you're venturing off along the... Almost 8 km long, the route takes you through gorgeous forests and climbs to a height of 1,542 m.... Franconian Switzerland is a paradise for climbing enthusiasts and adventure seekers. The countless... These five methods are an extremely pleasant way to reach the peak – breathtaking views are included. Would you like to discover the Franconian way of life on a tour by train and bike? Then off to... A couple of skis, shoes and sticks. That's all you need for cross-country skiing. You can find the most beautiful cross-country skiing routes in... This tour through romantic Franconia fulfils three wishes at once: nature, culture and enjoyment.... Five winter experiences that guarantee fun and action, even off the slopes. The town of Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz is located on the western edge of the Franconian Alb. From... Far and wide there's no sea in sight – and yet you still want to feel as if you were at a beach paradise? No problem in Bavaria. You can take a dip...