Zwei Kinder, die Kalb mit Milch fĂĽttern

Bavaria's most beautiful adventure farms by train

For children, a trip to a farm is a great adventure. Already during the journey by train you can get in the mood for the experience and look at farm books or play something together. We have compiled five adventure farms for you that you can reach comfortably by train.

Both children and adults can experience the exciting everyday life on a farm at first hand during a visit to one of the numerous adventure farms in Bavaria. Here, children can actively participate in the action, help feed and care for the animals, and experience the origin of our food up close. Adventure farms also offer plenty of space for romping and playing. Whether it's climbing straw bales or exploring the farm, the possibilities are vast.
Hop on the train and spend an exciting day at one of the top five adventure farms in Bavaria that we've picked out especially for you.
Also in our latest episode of Unboxing Bavaria, this time we whisk you away to a farm, or more precisely, a dairy farm. In beautiful Franconia, around Nuremberg, you have the opportunity to enjoy fresh milk and dairy products at any time from the farm's own vending machines. The "Rosa Kuh" presents lovingly produced, regional dairy products directly from the Franconian farm dairy.

Relaxation and nature experience: family trip to the Fischbeck farm.  

  • Nearest train station: Vorra
  • The farm is characterized by: Petting zoo and herb walks.
  • Perfect for: Day trip for those particularly hungry for knowledge  

Fischbeck's Adventure Farm is located in the beautiful Pegnitz Valley, just a short walk from Vorra train station. The Leimberger family has been managing the farm for almost 20 years according to the strict guidelines of the Bioland association, placing special emphasis on the preservation of nature and respectful treatment of the animals. Visitors:inside are greeted by happy cows and donkeys in the pasture, with the two donkeys Seppel and Frieda also happy to accompany you on a walk. Pigs, chickens, rabbits and dwarf goats also belong to the farm and are lovingly cared for by the family.

Margit Leimberger, the qualified experience farmer, conveys the agricultural business processes and the organic cycle to the visitors in a lively and vivid way. In addition to the animals, nature is also the focus of the adventure farm. Margit Leimberger is a trained herbalist and shares her extensive knowledge of local wild herbs and their uses with those interested. To participate in the herb walks, registration in advance is necessary. A visit to the petting zoo with a picnic on the goat meadow or terrace should also be registered in advance. More information and the registration form can be found here.

Braune Kuh, die unter dem Kinn gekratzt wird

Heuhotel Fischbeck hay hotel in the Pegnitztal valley

Hit the hay for the night – just like Heidi. There are cows in the field and an adorable donkey who’ll accompany you on walks here.
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Gut Aiderbichl Iffeldorf: A paradise for rescued animals  

  • Nearest train station: Iffeldorf
  • The farm is characterized by: Grace and meeting farm with estate tours and children's program.
  • Perfect for: Day trip with picnic

Gut Aiderbichl Iffeldorf is located in the Bavarian foothills of the Alps, directly on the idyllic Easter Lakes. This unique meeting farm was founded in 2009 by the farming family Hansi and Martina SĂĽĂź and is now home to around 300 rescued animals, including dogs, cats, horses, donkeys and cattle. Families can visit the animals here, hand out generous pats, and learn more about Gut Aiderbichl and the animals' fates. The tours last around 40 minutes and are included in the admission price. Admission is free for children under 4 years of age. For the small or large hunger is on the area also a restaurant, which is characterized by a purely vegetarian cuisine.

During the holiday periods, Gut Aiderbichl offers an exciting program where children from the age of 6 can learn about the profession of an animal keeper. Even the youngest can help out with mucking out stalls or preparing feed, for example. Also, during the Bavarian summer vacations and on weekends and public holidays from July to October, you can enjoy a regional picnic on the extensive grounds in the midst of the animals with a view of the Alps. It is also possible to celebrate children's birthday parties at Gut Aiderbichl. Visit the Begegnungshof Gut Aiderbichl Iffeldorf with its numerous rescued animals on a trip by train and enjoy the wonderful mountain panorama on a hike around the Easter Lakes in Iffeldorf!

Osterseen und Wälder in Herbstfarben

The Easter Lakes in Iffeldorf: Caribbean magic in Upper Bavaria

A hike in Iffeldorf around the Caribbean-blue Easter Lakes with a dreamlike mountain panorama - for an exotic time-out in the middle of Upper Bavaria. Pure relaxation against a picturesque Alpine backdrop and a year-round nature experience for hikers and families. Travel comfortably and inexpensively for your day trip with the Bayern-Ticket or the Regio-Ticket Werdenfels.
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On the trail of milk: Adventure tour at the EichenmĂĽller Learning and Experience Farm  

  • Nearest train station: Eltersdorf
  • The farm is characterized by: Dairy farm and extracurricular place of learning.  
  • Perfect for: Day trip with hands-on factor

A visit to Lern- und Erlebnishof EichenmĂĽller near Erlangen is a great opportunity for children and adults to experience agriculture up close. 60 dairy cows and their calves are at home here. The fenced pond is also home to geese and crested ducks, while the farm cats Rieke and Tiger roam the grounds and also get along well with the dog Senta.

The EichenmĂĽller family makes sure that a visit to the farm is an exciting experience. Mother Heidi EichenmĂĽller is a qualified adventure farmer and guides the visitors through the cowsheds. Children and adults are allowed to help feed the animals and prove their skills in milking and churning butter. After the tour, children can enjoy a farm breakfast with homemade butter. Visitors can also draw their own fresh milk at the farm tapping point. It is best to bring your own containers. Children's birthday parties can also be celebrated at Erlebnishof EichenmĂĽller. Contact details for registering your visit can be found here.

Nahaufnahme einer braunen Kuh, die von Hand gemelkt wird

Adventure farm in Erlangen

Learn how to milk animals – the Eichenmüller family make sure that your visit is an adventure.
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Children's paradise on the farm Waldhof: romp, play and meet animals  

  • Nearest train station: Markt Bibart
  • The farm is characterized by: Dairy farm with cows and goats
  • Perfect for: Farm vacations

In the heart of Franconia, between the Steigerwald and the Mainschleife, lies the idyllic farm Waldhof, surrounded by lush meadows and forests. The Härtel family's farm is home to an impressive herd of Fleckvieh cows as well as chickens, cats and dwarf goats, which make life on the farm even more colorful. The farm is a dairy farm and is home to around 80 dairy cows. Vacationers are welcome to help care for the animals and learn how to handle them. It is also possible to watch the cows producing milk during the barn season and also taste the fresh milk yourself.

Children can help with the daily work on the farm together with their parents. Whether feeding cows, watering calves or caring for goats - there are many exciting tasks to be done. For rest and relaxation, the farm also offers many cozy places to linger and watch the animals. Overnight stays at the Härtel farm are in one of three cozy vacation apartments.

Please note that day trips to the Waldhof are not possible.

Where children's hearts beat faster: vacation on the small farm  

  • Nearest train station: DombĂĽhl
  • The farm is characterized by: Dairy farm with cows, horses and goats.
  • Perfect for: Farm vacations

Staying at the organic hay-milk farm in the beautiful Franconia region is relaxing and educational for the whole family. In the period between Easter and the end of the autumn vacations, the small farm offers families with children the opportunity to spend their vacation here and experience life on the farm up close. The stars of the farm are without a doubt the gentle cows, which take the children's hearts by storm. Supplied exclusively with hay or fresh grass from the meadow, the animals are guaranteed a natural and species-appropriate diet.

Every day from 5:00 p.m., young and old can help feed, milk and muck out the cows and taste the fresh milk. Further fun and variety is provided by the opportunity to saddle horses and cuddle the cuddly dwarf goats - this makes for beaming children's eyes. The Keim farming family offers to pick up guests from the DombĂĽhl train station on request. Travel to Franconia by train and experience an unforgettable vacation on the small farm.

Please note that day trips to the small farm are not possible.

Zwei braune Pferde auf einer Wiese mit einer jungen Familie aus Frau, Mann und Baby

“Der kleine Bauernhof” farm in Feuchtwangen

Pitch in at the "Der kleine Bauernhof" farm – here is where all your “Little House on the Prairie” fantasies come true.
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A visit to a farm in Bavaria lets the whole family experience with a lot of fun how life is on a farm and where our food comes from. We hope you enjoy your trip by train to one of the exciting adventure farms in Bavaria!