Gro├čer Alpsee im Winter

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Winter time out at Bavaria's most beautiful lakes


Lakes are a place of longing for you? - In Bavaria, more than 400 are waiting to be discovered by you. The possibilities for a time-out at the lake in the winter months are manifold: During a leisurely art walk at the Kochelsee in the blue country, a romantic skating trip on the Maisinger See or a jump into the cold water at the ice bathing at the Gro├čer Alpsee. Treat yourself to a trip into the blue and explore Bavaria's most beautiful lakes by train.

Cool diving at the largest natural lake in the Oberallg├Ąu region

On a three- to four-hour hike around the Gro├čer Alpsee, you can simply unwind - and in any season! Or you can opt for an unusual winter activity: ice bathing. The immersion in cold water, which is about to freeze, is considered an insider tip among athletes and is said to increase performance and strengthen the immune system. The sudden confrontation with the low temperatures leads to the release of adrenaline and endorphins and improves blood circulation. Since most of the heat is released through the head, you should immerse yourself in the ice-cold water only up to the chest. It is best to wear a cap to protect your head from too much heat loss. And take precautions and bring warm clothes for afterwards. If you have circulation problems, however, you should avoid ice bathing altogether. No matter what you decide in the end: At the largest natural lake in the Oberallg├Ąu, leisurely walkers and action fans alike will get their money's worth.

Luftaufnahme Grosser Alpsee im Sommer

Gro├čer Alpsee, the multifaceted nature experience in the Upper Allg├Ąu: the Great Alpsee Loop Trail

The Great Alpsee Circuit around the largest natural lake in the Upper Allg├Ąu is the perfect hiking event for families. The beginners' tour around the Gro├čer Alpsee guarantees unforgettable panoramic views and rare natural highlights. Travel relaxed and cheap with the Bayern-Ticket.
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Awaken your artist:inside heart at the Kochelsee lake

On an artistic journey through time in Kochel on the Kochelsee of the same name: already a good fifty years ago, the mystical, blue-glistening lake fascinated and inspired renowned artists such as Wassily Kandinsky, Gabriele M├╝nter or August Macke. Franz Marc, one of the most important artists of Expressionism, could not escape the magic of the Kochelsee: Visit the original places where Franz Marc and many other famous artists:inside painted some of their pictures. The art walk through the fascinating landscape takes about two and a half hours and will give you unforgettable moments on the shores of the intensely blue glowing Kochelsee with a view of the snow-covered peaks of the Bavarian Alps. Discover other breathtaking art and nature experiences as well as expressionist museums in Werdenfels, such as the Schlossmuseum in Murnau or the Buchheim Museum in Bernried. After your walk, you can very well imagine that it was the light, the landscape and the play of colors that attracted the world famous artists:inside here. Especially in winter, the scenery around the Kochelsee is gorgeous.

Br├╝cke im Kochelsee und Bergpanorama

Perfect for nature photos: Lake Kochel

Walk in Franz Marc's footsteps: Kochel am See was both a retreat and a source of inspiration for the famous artist. Let the original locations at the lake take effect on you during a walk and take the opportunity yourself for artistic snapshots at this beautiful lake in Bavaria.
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On skids over the ice rink at the Maisinger lake

A hike through the Maisinger Gorge southwest of Starnberg leads you directly to Maisinger Lake. When the lake is frozen and the ice rink is open, curling and skating enthusiasts gather here to enjoy the winter sun in the middle of the nature reserve. Since this idyllic spot doesn't offer local rentals, you should bring your own skates to skate your laps on blades. Please find out in advance about the load-bearing capacity of the ice surface and be careful. Never enter frozen waters alone and pay close attention to the condition of the ice. After the sportive fun you can warm up at the Gasthof Georg Ludwig in the center of Maising. Here, Bavarian inn classics are served for refreshment.

Wald in der Maisinger Schlucht mit Sonnenschein

Hiking through the Maisinger Gorge

In the footsteps of the Ice Age: south-west of Starnberg, the last Ice Age carved the Maising Gorge into the landscape.
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