Kochelsee mit Bergpanorama im Hintergrund

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The most beautiful lakes in Bavaria: crystal clear and turquoise blue

Relaxation, water sports action or alpine panorama: the diversity of Bavaria's dreamlike lake landscape is guaranteed to awaken your desire for natural adventure. Plan your trip by train now and be inspired by Bavaria's most beautiful lakes.


Lakes are a place of longing for you? - In Bavaria, more than 400 are waiting to be discovered by you. The possibilities for a time-out at the lake are manifold: Take a leisurely art walk at the Kochelsee in the blue country, a sporty hike to the Guggersee at 1,725 metres in the Allgäu Alps or enjoy pure romance when visiting the shimmering Caribbean blue Großer Ostersee in Upper Bavaria. Treat yourself to a trip into the blue and explore Bavaria's most beautiful lakes by train. We have compiled the most beautiful trips to your favourite lake for you here:

Relaxation and action at the largest natural lake in Oberallgäu

Simply let your soul dangle during the three- to four-hour hike around the Gro√üer Alpsee - and that at any time of the year! The surface of the largest natural lake in the Upper Allg√§u measures a proud 240 hectares and captivates with its iridescent emerald-green play of colors. The varied tour takes you along the picturesque lakeshore, but also across extensive meadow landscapes. Keep your eyes peeled on the western shore: here, between reed belts and marshlands, you can catch a glimpse of rare natural treasures, such as the yellow troll flower or the turquoise-blue kingfisher. Are you in the mood for more action? Water sports enthusiasts have long since discovered the favorable wind conditions at the Gro√üer Alpsee, one of the most beautiful lakes in Bavaria, for themselves - they can be found here regularly sailing, pedal boating and stand-up paddling. At the largest natural lake in the Upper Allg√§u, leisurely strollers and action fans come together.

Luftaufnahme Grosser Alpsee im Sommer

Großer Alpsee, the multifaceted nature experience in the Upper Allgäu: the Great Alpsee Loop Trail

The Great Alpsee Circuit around the largest natural lake in the Upper Allgäu is the perfect hiking event for families. The beginners' tour around the Großer Alpsee guarantees unforgettable panoramic views and rare natural highlights. Travel relaxed and cheap with the Bayern-Ticket.
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Take a trip by train to the Großer Alpsee! Influencer Anni Götze takes you on a trip to the largest natural lake in the Allgäu. Watch now and plan your trip!

Awaken your artist inside heart at Kochelsee

On an artistic journey through time in Kochel at the eponymous Kochelsee: already a good fifty years ago, the mystical, blue-glittering lake fascinated and inspired renowned artistic greats such as Wassily Kandinsky, Gabriele M√ľnter or August Macke. Franz Marc, one of the most important artists of Expressionism, could not escape the magic of the Kochelsee: Visit the original places where Franz Marc and many other famous artists painted some of their pictures. The art walk through the fascinating landscape takes about two and a half hours and will give you unforgettable moments on the shores of the intensely blue glowing Kochelsee. Discover other breathtaking art and nature experiences as well as expressionist museums in Werdenfels, such as the Castle Museum in Murnau or the Buchheim Museum in Bernried. After your walk, it is very easy to imagine that it was the light, the landscape and the play of colors that attracted the world famous artists here.

Br√ľcke im Kochelsee und Bergpanorama

Perfect for nature photos: Lake Kochel

Walk in Franz Marc's footsteps: Kochel am See was both a retreat and a source of inspiration for the famous artist. Let the original locations at the lake take effect on you during a walk and take the opportunity yourself for artistic snapshots at this beautiful lake in Bavaria.
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Sporty hiking tour to the Guggersee in the high mountains

Breathtaking views await hiking enthusiasts at 1,725 meters at the Guggersee near Oberstdorf. But before you can enjoy them extensively, you still have to master the 830 meters in altitude through meadows and mountain pine forests. Whereby also here the way is a big piece of the goal: Don't miss it to let your views wander over the picturesque Stillachtal now and then during the ascent. Even the Oberstdorf ski jump greets you from afar. Once you arrive at the mountain lake, walk around it once. With a clear view, the "guggen" on the water surface is worth it twice!

(c) Tourismus Oberstdorf - Guggersee

Allgäu Alps: Summit bliss in the mirror of the Guggersee lake

Next stop: speechless! The tour to the beautiful Guggersee lake in Bavaria, which is classed as moderately difficult, will delight hiking fans with its views of the Allgäu main ridge. If you still have energy after two hours, you can extend the excursion with another stage.
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Cast off and ship ahoy at the Brombachsee in Middle Franconia

Explore Lake Brombach by boat? The three-story trimaran of the "MS Brombachsee" very close to the station Ramsberg makes it possible. The largest reservoir of the Franconian Lake District and one of the most beautiful lakes in Bavaria impresses with its spacious sandy beaches and the wide range of leisure activities, such as stand-up paddling or kite surfing. With the practical hop-on hop-off tour variant of the trimaran, you can try out different swimming spots and finally take a closer look at one of the four Franconian towns where the landing stages are located - cast off for the sightseeing round by boat!

Brombachsee mit Segelbooten und gr√ľnen W√§ldern im Hintergrund

MS Brombachsee: Exploring the Franconian Lake District

Discover the south of Middle Franconia from a new perspective - with the MS Brombachsee trimaran. This unique ship offers you the opportunity to explore the breathtaking landscape around the Großer Brombachsee.
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Caribbean time out with mountain view at the Easter Lakes in Iffeldorf

A water surface glistening in Caribbean blue colors, embedded in winding forest paths and mysterious moor landscapes. Not to forget, the spectacular alpine scenery as well as the view of the Zugspitze. The view is especially good on colder, clear days. Curious now? - Let's head to the Easter Lakes in Iffeldorf, Upper Bavaria. This unique geotope is a remnant of the Ice Age and consists of a group of 24 large bodies of water that are interconnected. Another origin story claims that the Easter Lakes are the "tears of Lake Starnberg" - tears of joy, mind you! Supposedly, they are caused by the sight of the incomparable mountain panorama on the horizon. The best thing to do is to visit the Easter Lakes, which are also among the most beautiful lakes in Bavaria, and form your own opinion on the approximately two-and-a-half-hour round trip.

Osterseen und Wälder in Herbstfarben

The Easter Lakes in Iffeldorf: Caribbean magic in Upper Bavaria

A hike in Iffeldorf around the Caribbean-blue Easter Lakes with a dreamlike mountain panorama - for an exotic time-out in the middle of Upper Bavaria. Pure relaxation against a picturesque Alpine backdrop and a year-round nature experience for hikers and families. Travel comfortably and inexpensively for your day trip with the Bayern-Ticket or the Regio-Ticket Werdenfels.
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