Taking a beer hike through Franconia

Glorious nature, exercise and beer. Franconia brings all of these three wonderful things together in one place.


Glorious nature, exercise and beer. Franconia brings all of these three wonderful things together in one place because there's nowhere else where beer culture is so alive and where there are so many breweries.

Luftaufnahme des FĂĽnf Seidla Steigs

Fünf-Seidla-Steig®: hike through the homeland of Franconia's speciality beers

Forests and fields, great beer and irresistible food: Franconian Switzerland is home to the Fünf-Seidla-Steig® hiking trail that takes you through a beautiful landscape as you visit local breweries.
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Bierkrug auf Tisch vor Waldlichtung

Brewery tour from Pegnitz to Pottenstein

After a two-and-a-half-hour walk from Pegnitz, you'll come to another stronghold of Franconian brewing art: Pottenstein.
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Vier Sorten Bier in Gläsern

Four in one sweep

A "four beers" tour in Bamberg: If beer is more your thing than walking, you should take a trip to Bamberg.
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Szene des Marktplatz Coburg

Beer and culture in Upper Franconia

Beer tour from Coburg to Rödental: Quench your thirst in the myriad of beer gardens and beer cellars along the way.
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BierkrĂĽge beim Zuprosten

24 beer cellars in Forchheim

Important fact: When you go for a drink in one of the many beer cellars in Franconia, you don't go "down into" the cellar but rather "off to" the cellar.
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Bamberg station
Nearest station: Bamberg BrennerstraĂźe 1
96052 Bamberg
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