Beer tour through Upper Franconia – with 5 stops

Beer buddies often find it difficult to agree on where to go on their next trip in the region with the highest density of breweries. But be sure not to miss any of these.


Beer buddies often find it difficult to agree on where to go on their next trip in the region with the highest density of breweries. This is because every Upper Franconian knows another great beer from another great brewery. But be sure not to miss any of these:

Holztisch mit zwei Bierkrügen mit Dunkelbier

Let Bamberg treat you to a smoked beer

Bamberg smoked beer ("Rauchbier") is made using smoked malt, which gives it its characteristic aroma and reminds you a bit of smoked ham.
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Volle Bierkrüge auf einem Tisch aus der Vogelperspektive

A "beer-ducation"

Kulmbach is home to the Bavarian Brewery Museum. This 3,000 square metre complex is a place where visitors can immerse themselves in the historical art of beer brewing.
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Junge, lachende Menschen, die mit Bierkrügen anstoßen

Discover Bayreuth with a brewer's drayman

Upper Franconia has introduced an experience that unites beer and education in perfect harmony. At Maisel's Brewery Museum in Bayreuth, you can go on a tour with a brewer's drayman.
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Bierglas, das aus einem Zapfhahn gefüllt wird

A beer indulgence in Lichtenfels brewery

"Nothelfer" (emergency helper) beer is brewed under the gaze of the "Basilica of the Fourteen Holy Helpers" and was named after the 14 saints who, in turn, gave this impressive pilgrimage church its name.
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Brauerei Schlenkerla
Nearest station: Bamberg Dominikanerstraße 6
96049 Bamberg
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