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Time for a change of perspective – because Bavaria has plenty to offer under the surface as well. Children find trips underground particularly exciting. And the good thing for stressed adults – there's no more peaceful place than a cave in Bavaria.

Teufelshöhle (Devil's Cave) in Pottenstein: An impressive feat of nature

There are more than 1,000 caves in Franconian Switzerland. The most well-known and most accessible is the "Teufelshöhle" (Devil's Cave) in Pottenstein, which is one of the most famous stalactite caves in Bavaria.
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Maximilian Grotto in the "Veldenstein" region

The largest stalactite in Germany. You certainly won't want for things to see in the Maximilian Grotto, which consists of an intricate network of caves and tunnels.
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World of discovery on the Grünten in Burgberg in the Allgäu: Discover the world of mining

There is a long tradition of mining in the Allgäu. And for this reason an entire museum village has been dedicated to the "Erzgruben" (ore mines).
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Nuremberg's underground prison cells and tunnels

Below the town hall, 15 gaol cells show what a 14th-century prison was like. In the Middle Ages, long underground passages hewn into the bedrock served as places to brew Nuremberg's beer.
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Medieval Dungeons in Nuremberg
Nearest station: Nuremberg main station Rathausplatz 2
90403 Nuremberg
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