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Great experiences for little money: Cheap excursions in Bavaria

The most beautiful excursions for the small purse: Even with a small budget you can explore the most beautiful sides of Bavaria. We have put together beautiful excursion destinations for you.

Excursions for the small purse: Even with a small budget you can explore the most beautiful sides of Bavaria. Either completely for free or for little money: We have put together excursion destinations for you that are definitely easy on your wallet. Explore either on your own or with your friends or the whole family the state of Bavaria. You can already save money on your journey: The Bayern-Ticket offers affordable options for a day trip alone or in a group.

Start the day's excursion with your own snack

Restaurant visits are expensive. Our tip for an inexpensive excursion: Take your own snack with you. From homemade bread rolls to small snacks for in between. Pack your own travel provisions and save money on restaurant meals. Here you will find tips for a perfect snack. Because with the right food and drink, which you take directly in your backpack, you are well equipped for your day trip.

Walk the Way of St. James in the north of Bavaria

The Camino de Santiago in the middle of Bavaria: A stretch of the popular pilgrimage route is located in the north of our Bavarian state. For rail travelers, the route from Marktschorgast to Bayreuth (24 km) is ideal for a one-day stage. The hike through the beautiful landscape is prominently signposted with the pilgrim's shell. For an inexpensive trip, these are suitable in the truest sense of the word: because the principle of the Way of St. James is to concentrate on the essentials and to practice self-renunciation.

Goldene Pilgermuschel auf dem Jakobsweg

Pilgrimage route ÔÇô from Hof to Nuremberg

In the north of Bavaria, the pilgrimage route runs from Hof to Nuremberg. For train travellers there are two legs that we especially recommend.
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Discover the Roman Empire in Bavaria interactively

You can follow in the footsteps of the Romans in the small Middle Franconian town of Wei├čenburg - in a very interactive way. Its direct location on the Limes World Heritage Site makes Wei├čenburg an absolute Roman stronghold. Discover the Roman thermal baths, for example, and examine the extremely well-preserved bathing facilities of the Romans for reasonable admission prices - there is a separate ticket for families. A highlight in the area around Wei├čenburg, which is only a short bus ride away: the Roman Experience Trail in Burgsalach. At eleven stations, they can interactively discover the world of the Romans. In addition, young and old can discover a replica Roman tower! There is no entrance fee for the adventure trail. Those who are looking for eventful and inexpensive excursions profit twice.

The Roman stronghold in Wei├čenburg

Due to its location right by the limes, the little Middle Franconian town of Wei├čenburg became a true Roman stronghold.
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Sporty through the summer: the trim trail and the Kneipp hike in Bad W├Ârishofen

An open-air fitness studio with no admission fee: In the middle of the Bad W├Ârishofen forest, fitness enthusiasts and those who like to move around can work out at 20 different stations. On the 2.5-kilometer circular trail, you can put your strength and stamina to the test - or simply try out a wide variety of exercises, such as balancing, together with friends or family. Bad W├Ârishofen keeps visitors fit not only thanks to the Trimm-dich trail, but the well-known Kneipp facilities also whet the appetite for exercise. In the town center alone, there are a total of 24 Kneipp facilities.

Holzschild mit Schriftzug Kneipp Wanderweg

Exercise trail and Kneipp therapy forest trail in Bad W├Ârishofen

The forest in the Bad W├Ârishofen wellness park is the perfect place for an athletic day trip.
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Exploring the world's oldest social settlement in Augsburg

The Fuggerei in Augsburg is considered a city within the city: surrounded by a city wall and three gates, there are 67 houses and 142 apartments. Jakob Fugger, a member of the well-known merchant family, founded the social housing estate in the 15th century for needy fellow citizens. The annual rent is still 0.88 euros per apartment. For an entrance fee of 6.50 euros - children and young people up to the age of 18 pay only 2 euros - you can explore the Fuggerei and its beautiful terraced housing estates and see, among other things, an originally furnished apartment in the last house still in its original state. A great and inexpensive excursion in Bavaria!

Blick auf die Fuggerei in Augsburg

The 500-year-old Fuggerei: the world's oldest surviving social housing is located in Augsburg

There is a corner of central Augsburg that's like a little town of its own, and with a history to match. With 67 houses subdivided into 142 flats, the Fuggerei is home to 150 people.
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On a journey through time in Rothenburg ob der Tauber

When it comes to inexpensive excursions in Bavaria, this city must not be missed as a tip. Winding alleys meet small oriels and turrets: In the old town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, you will embark on a journey through time. The small Franconian town impresses with its medieval charm. With the town wall, the historic town hall and the castle garden with its sculptures, you will feel as if you are in a medieval museum - and there is no entrance fee. An absolute highlight is the Pl├Ânlein, a narrow half-timbered house that served as a model for the birthplace of the children's book character Pinocchio.

Stadtszene aus Rothenburg ob der Tauber mit Fachwerkhaus

Time travel in the old town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Let yourself be enchanted by the historic flair of the old town on a walk through Rothenburg: the town centre attracts its visitors:inside with narrow half-timbered houses and numerous towers like something out of a fairytale.
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A hike through the Altm├╝hl valley with an absolute highlight as destination

The sight of the majestic rock formation "Twelve Apostles" is the crowning glory of the family hike through the Altm├╝hltal. The Middle Franconian section of the Altm├╝hltal Panorama Trail is one of the most beautiful on the route. See for yourself.

Blick ins Altm├╝hltal bei Sonnenschein

Fascinating hike: the Altm├╝hltal Panorama Trail in Middle Franconia

The various stages of the Altm├╝hltal Panorama Trail are among the most versatile routes for hiking enthusiasts. The route through Central Franconia is a real nature highlight. The final visit to the "Twelve Apostles" dolomite rocks makes your day trip an unforgettable experience.
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