Junges Paar beim Weihnachtsshopping vor Schaufenster

Gift ideas from Bavaria for Christmas

Everywhere in Bavaria, there are unique opportunities to find the perfect gift or create one yourself: From charming Christmas stores and historic craftsmen's yards to creative pottery courses and ceramic painting workshops.

Looking for the perfect Christmas present? Why not combine the useful with the pleasant and combine your gift search with a relaxing trip by train?

There are countless places throughout Bavaria that offer a variety of unique gift ideas. Let yourself be enchanted by the festive flair of the lovingly decorated and atmospherically illuminated town centers while you go on a journey of discovery in small, individual stores. Some even invite you to get creative and design your own personal gifts.

We have put together a selection of the most interesting options for you to make your gift search a relaxed and inspiring experience. From specialist Christmas stores that exude a Christmassy atmosphere all year round to creative workshops that will challenge and develop your skills, be inspired by the variety that Bavaria has to offer.

Käthe Wohlfahrt: Christmas magic all year round

The family-run company K√§the Wohlfahrt 

sees itself as an ambassador for the traditional German Christmas tradition. Nestled in the old town of Rothenburg and with further locations in Nuremberg, Bamberg and Oberammergau, Käthe Wohlfahrt attracts lovers of Christmas decorations from all over the world. With an extensive range that includes both traditional decorative items and modern elements for your home, Käthe Wohlfahrt evokes beautiful memories and emotions. The lovingly designed specialist stores transport their customers into a unique Christmas world that lasts all year round.

A special highlight is the Weihnachtsmuseum von K√§the Wohlfahrt.

The permanent exhibition presents unusual and rare Christmas decorations from the 19th and early 20th centuries, as well as "classics" on the Christmas tree that have lost none of their former popularity to this day. Visitors can discover exciting and interesting facts about Christmas here.

The Christmas store in Bad Hindelang

Tucked away in the charming premises of Caf√© Weber in the Oberallg√§u is the Weihnachtsladen in Bad Hindelang.

Open all year round, this place transports visitors to a magical world of Christmas and Easter decorations. Even in summer, you can be enchanted by the wintery and Christmassy atmosphere here. Magnificently decorated Christmas trees, thematically arranged, provide inspiration for your own Christmas tree at home. With an impressive selection of handmade ornaments, nativity scenes and other Christmas decorations, this store is a must for anyone looking for something special. The adjoining café, where the store is located, is open daily and offers a small breakfast menu, homemade cakes and small lunchtime treats.

Getting to Bad Hindelang is easy: the nearest train station is in Sonthofen. From there, the public bus number 48 runs every half hour to Bad Hindelang.

Traditional craftsmanship in the historic Handwerkerhof Nuremberg

The Handwerkerhof in N√ľrnberg is a place where bygone times come to life. In the half-timbered houses, craftspeople offer their wares and revive traditional craftsmanship. Here you can look over the shoulders of the master craftsmen at work, be it in the pewter foundry or with the ceramist. Take the time to watch the fire painter decorating wooden signs or experience the smell of real leather being worked.

The Handwerkerhof also offers a variety of gift stores. You are sure to find a suitable gift in the candle manufactory, gingerbread kitchen, chocolaterie and in the wood-burning store. And if you are looking for tin toys, the tin toy store is a real treasure trove.

In addition to the variety of handicrafts, there are also culinary delights on offer. The aroma of Nuremberg sausages roasting on the fire wafts through the alleyways and the restaurants invite you to linger with special Franconian beer and wine specialties. 

Homemade gifts as small specialties

There is hardly a gift that expresses more warmth and personality than something homemade. By putting your creativity and dedication into a handmade gift, you are not only giving the finished product, but also your time and effort. Let's delve into the inspiring world of handmade gifts together and discover the possibilities that a little creativity and craftsmanship can open up.

Homemade chocolates: a sweet treat to give as a gift and enjoy

In a praline course, you have the opportunity to experience and learn the art of praline making at first hand. Under the guidance of experienced confectioners, you will learn the various techniques for making pralines. From traditional methods to modern and colorful creations, everything is included.

However, the biggest advantage of a praline course is that you get to take all the pralines you make home with you. They make an excellent personal and lovingly made gift that everyone will be delighted to receive.

You can take part in praline workshops at Pustekuchen M√ľnchen and in the Konditorei Akademie in Kitzingen.

Pottery courses and ceramic painting: unique gifts made by your own hands

Pottery is one of the oldest crafts known to mankind and offers a wonderful opportunity to give free rein to your creativity and design unique gifts. In a pottery course, you can learn the craft from scratch and take home a handmade, personal gift at the end.

If you find pottery too time-consuming and are looking for another form of creative activity, painting ceramics could be the perfect alternative. White raw ceramics, paints, stencils and brushes are available to create an individual work of art that can serve as a unique gift.

You can take part in a pottery course at hantwerck in Regensburg or in the offenen T√∂pferwerkstatt in Kempten. If you are interested in painting ceramics, the werkxsalon in Starnberg and Ingolstadt or Porzellanikum in Augsburg will be the right address. 

By train to Bavaria's best gift ideas

Go on a journey of discovery and find the perfect gift in Bavaria. Whether you want to immerse yourself in the festive world of Käthe Wohlfahrt, experience the historic charm of the Handwerkerhof in Nuremberg or live out your creative streak in pottery courses, the train will take you to the best places for gifts. And remember: the best gift is always the one that comes from the heart and was made with love.