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5 tours for a cycling excursion with the Deutschland-Ticket

With the Deutschland-Ticket and the DB Regio Bayern trains, you can easily get to the most beautiful cycling tours in Bavaria. We have put together five excursion ideas for you to discover on a bike tour by train. Get on board now and start cycling!


The Deutschland-Ticket allows you to discover the whole of Germany in a comfortable and uncomplicated way. But have you ever thought about combining a trip by train with a bike tour? Bavaria is a great place to explore by bike. Numerous regional and supra-regional cycle paths criss-cross the entire state and take you to the most beautiful places, through the most idyllic valleys and to the clearest lakes. We would like to introduce you to 5 cycling tours in Bavaria that you can do with the Deutschland-Ticket. 

You can also find all the tours in our "DB Ausflug" app. There you will not only get all the information you need for your bike tour, but also recommendations for other varied tours for every taste. Download the app to your smartphone and discover Bavaria's cycle routes by train and bike. You can travel to all tours comfortably by train, even without your own bike. We have listed local rental shops where you can rent bikes or e-bikes for your tour. From a bike discovery tour in Munich to a relaxing ride along the great cycle paths in Franconia: there's something here for everyone!

With the Deutschland-Ticket you can use all means of public transport for only 49 euros per month. Please note that the corresponding tariff regulations of the various transport associations and transport companies apply to taking your bike with you. In Bavaria, there is the Fahrrad-Tageskarte Bayern (Bicycle Day Ticket Bavaria) for 6 euros, which is valid on all local trains as well as on interconnected means of transport in the Verkehrsverbund Gro√üraum N√ľrnberg (VGN) and on underground and suburban trains in the M√ľnchner Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund (MVV). Please take into account any regional blackout periods for bicycle transport and be aware of the needs of other passengers. You can find more information on bicycle transport here.

With the Deutschland-Ticket and your bike on a voyage of discovery along the Danube near Regensburg

Experience the Danube uniquely by cycling along the river from Regensburg. The route has numerous attractions in store, including Bavaria's smallest wine-growing area and Ludwig I's national monument, Valhalla. Along the way, you can enjoy the magnificent views of the river, the vineyards and the region's historical features. Sports enthusiasts can also look forward to a challenge, because if you want to see Ludwig I's Temple of Honour from the inside, you will have to master a demanding climb. You can also learn more about the history of winegrowing in Old Bavaria by stopping at a historic Biethaus. Here you will learn everything you need to know about the subject, from Roman times to the present day. So get ready for an unforgettable adventure and take off by train and bike!

Radln bei Walhalla, Foto: Stefan-Gruber

Ludwig's Walhalla and Roman wine near Regensburg

Discover unique highlights along the Danube by bike from Regensburg. Ludwig I's national monument Walhalla and the smallest wine-growing region in Bavaria await you.
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On a bike tour with the Deutschland-Ticket: visit a castle and enjoy art in the largest pond area in Central Europe

Discover a beautiful and varied landscape with numerous streams, springs and ponds on this cycle tour along the Main and through the Aisch valley. Experience the world of Franconian beer brewing at first hand and indulge in culinary delights in the inns along the way. But this tour also has a lot to offer culturally: the enchanting Adelsdorf Castle, which could even serve as a backdrop for fairytale films, and the Spix Museum in Höchstadt, where you can learn more about the life and times of the town's most famous citizen, Johann Baptist Ritter von Spix. Also visit the art collection in Schloss Weißenstein, which exhibits works by Rubens, v. Dyck and Breughel. This bike tour is a real treat for nature lovers and art enthusiasts alike - so get going!

Blick auf das Alte Rathaus, Dom und Kloster St Michael - Bamberg Steigerwald, Foto: Holger Leue, Lizenz: FrankenTourismus

Cycle tour from Bamberg through the Aisch valley

This cycle tour takes you along the Main to the Aisch valley. Numerous streams and springs await you here, as well as the Franconian art of brewing. This tour also has a lot to offer culturally.
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By bike and with the Deutschland-Ticket to six spectacular viewpoints around Lindau

Experience the most beautiful views of Lake Constance on an unforgettable bike tour from Lindau! Six magnificent panoramic points along the "Bavarian Riviera" with views of the lake, the surrounding countryside and the Swiss and Austrian Alps await your visit. The cycle tour takes you through small villages, past orchards and over vineyards, offering cosy inns and wine taverns as well as numerous romantic settings. The route is slightly hilly, well asphalted and partly on the Lake Constance cycle path. Go on a discovery tour through the Lindau vineyards and along Lake Constance with the Deutschland-Ticket!

Panoramatour Lindau, Foto: Lindau Tourismus und Kongress GmbH

Villas, water, vineyards on Lake Constance in Lindau

The most beautiful viewpoints of Lake Constance await you! This circular route leads from Lindau along the lake and into the vineyards and orchards of the region with fantastic views.
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With the Deutschland-Ticket to Bayreuth and on by bike through Franconian Switzerland to the source of the Red Main

Experience the breathtaking beauty of Franconian Switzerland in a new and exciting way! Explore the Red Main Cycle Route by bike from Bayreuth to the source of the Red Main. The source of the Red Main is located in the middle of the Veldenstein Forest and was set in stone in 1907. Discover the fascinating landscape of the region on your way through fields, meadows and forests. Take time to visit the Jug Museum in Creußen and admire the world-famous Creußen stoneware. Back in Bayreuth, a hearty meal awaits to replenish your energy reserves. Hop on the train and your bike and experience an unforgettable trip to Franconian Switzerland!

Bayreuther Opernstraße mit Opernhaus, Foto: Bayreuth Marketing & Tourismus GmbH, Meike Kratzer

From Bayreuth to the source of the Red Main

Discover the source of the Red Main by bike. From Bayreuth, this tour takes you on a relaxed ride along the Red Main Cycle Path through the Franconian Switzerland Nature Park. Get there by train now!
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With the Deutschland-Ticket from the meteorite crater to the pilgrimage church: an e-bike tour through space and time

Experience an unforgettable e-bike tour through the beautiful landscape of the Franconian and Swabian Alb. Along the route, you will come across numerous historical testimonies to the history of the earth and mankind. Discover the best-preserved crater in Europe, which was formed 15 million years ago by a meteorite impact, or sites of Neolithic human bones. In addition to these fascinating testimonies of the earth's history, there are also beautiful pilgrimage churches and forest chapels to visit along the route. The scenic beauty of the Wörnitz and Kessel valleys is sure to enchant you. On the 66-kilometre route with 500 metres of altitude gain, you have the opportunity to put your fitness to the test and cycle along the Kesseltal circular route. Come with us on this breathtaking journey through space and time!

Geotop Kalvarienberg Wörnitzstein, Foto: Dietmar Denger, Lizenz: Geopark Ries eV

On the edge of the Ries and in the Kessel valley near Donauwörth

Go on a fascinating journey through time by bike: from an impact crater to miraculous pilgrimage churches - a unique combination of history, spirituality and adventure!
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