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Discover our inspirations for day trips in Bavaria now. We have put together a mix of nature, action and relaxation for you.

What destinations are on your wish list? Bavaria offers everything from action on the water to picturesque hikes in nature or cultural city trips. Thus, there is a suitable excursion for every taste. Anticipation is the best joy: Let our tips inspire you and plan your excursions for the coming year in a relaxed way. Not to forget the easy journey: All destinations can be reached comfortably by train.

Relax with animal company
Pure deceleration on a hiking tour with animal companions. An alpaca hike has been proven to provide maximum peace and serenity. Relax during a walk with the fluffy small camels at the foot of the Alpspitzberg and take the buzzing of your alpaca as a compliment. That means in their language: I feel comfortable with you. A tour with donkeys, on the other hand, is a lesson in presence and mindfulness - go on a hiking tour with these sweet cloven-hoofed animals, you'll soon realize: The image of the "stubborn" donkey cannot be confirmed. On the contrary, they are very trusting when their companion is sensitive to them. See for yourself!

Alpaka auf Wiese vor blauem Himmel

Relax on a hike with alpacas

Want a different kind of hiking experience? In Bavaria, you can take an alpaca or donkey along for company. It's good for the soul, not to mention for Instagram: your fluffy or long-eared friend will look great in your selfies.
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DB Regio Zug vor Bergpanorama

Panoramic journey with the "Werdenfelsbahn"

As you gaze through the window of the train at the Upper Bavarian Alpine foreland and the Zugspitze passing by, you'll find that your ride with the Werdenfelsbahn has been transformed into a panoramic journey.
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When the Karwendel calls: High up with Germany's second highest mountain railway

Thanks to the Karwendelbahn, for over 50 years even non-mountaineers have been able to enjoy the high limestone mountains in Alpenwelt Karwendel. With the gondolas of the second highest cable car in Germany, you will be at over 2,000 meters within ten minutes. Right next to the top station, an oversized wooden telescope captivates nature lovers. The free, award-winning environmental exhibition provides impressive information about the sensitive laws of nature in the high mountains.  Those who prefer to be in the fresh mountain air explore one of the numerous hiking trails - stunning views are guaranteed here.

Luftaufnahme des Karwendelgebirges bei blauem Himmel

Mittenwald's Karwendelbahn cablecar takes you to dizzying heights

The Karwendelbahn cablecar at Mittenwald only needs a few minutes to whisk visitors from an altitude of 933 metres to 2,244 metres. At the top of the line, they can take in the amazing view of the Isar valley and call into the visitor centre about the Karwendel range's natural environment. The information available there is as engrossing as the building's appearance.
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Canyoning: action-packed hiking through mountain gorges and thundering waterfalls

Are you looking for a sporty nature experience with lots of action? Then canyoning is the right choice for you. Fascinating gorges are hiked through from top to bottom. This means sliding, jumping and abseiling. Canyoning is the perfect event for courageous nature fans. The Starzlachklamm gorge in the Upper Allgäu is considered a classic. Together with the appropriate rental equipment and an experienced guide, the tour makes the action heart of newcomers and experienced alike beat faster. The absolute highlight is the 18-meter-long rock slide at the end of the route.

Canyoning in the Oberallgäu

A sporty nature experience for action lovers: brave men and strong women get their money's worth when canyoning: equipped with a neoprene suit and climbing rope, you head through gorges, mountain streams and waterfalls.
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Bamberg: Medieval flair and beer enjoyment in Upper Franconia

Fancy a trip to the Middle Ages? Then be sure to put Bamberg in Upper Franconia on your excursion list. With over 1,000 well-preserved historic buildings, "Bamberch" fascinates visitors from all over the world. It is not for nothing that the old town in Upper Franconia has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993. Don't miss the picturesque view of the Old Town Hall. By the way: Bamberg is one of the cities with the highest density of breweries. After the sightseeing tour, it's time for regional Franconian specialties in a hearty brewery atmosphere.

Rathaus in Bamberg mit Fluss

Bamberg: An excursion with Alsatian charm in the centre of Franconia!

Bamberg is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and is just waiting to be discovered by you. With historical beauty, cultural and culinary highlights, the old town is the ideal destination for a day trip and just a short walk from the train station where you will arrive if you are travelling to Bamberg by train.
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Take a city tour for pleasure fans in Bamberg! Discover together Sarah Jäger, the Beer Queen 21/22 and the DB Regio Bayern "Audio Guides" a trip to the "City of Beers". Listen now!

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