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Eyes open, ears on: Experience Bavaria with the DB Regio Bayern Audio Guides

Just listen in - and discover the most beautiful sides of Bavaria. With our DB Regio Bayern Audio Guides, we take you to seven interactive excursion destinations throughout Bavaria.

Take a panoramic ride with us through the Werdenfelsbahn, discover the incredible history of the Roman and imperial city of Wei├čenburg or enjoy a culinary city tour through Bamberg. With our DB Regio Bayern Audio Guides, we take you on a completely interactive tour of places in Bavaria where there is something for everyone to discover. Celebrities like Max von Thun or local heroines like the Beer Queen 2021/2022 take us up close and personal to the most exciting destinations in Bavaria. Our audio guides are super easy and free to access and download via streaming services like Spotify, Apple or even here.

Individual, interactive, inspiring: Discover our Free State now with the DB Regio Bayern Audio Guides.

Each tour includes several chapters that you can put together individually. Depending on your preferences, interests and the time you have available. Just click in the menu to the section you want to pass and listen to.

In this sense - eyes open, ears on and experience Bavaria with all your senses!

Episode 7 | Munich - Isar metropolis with heart between tradition and modernity Munich

Come along on a joint excursion through the state capital of Munich. Let actor Paul Sedlmeir take you along as you stroll from the impressive Marienplatz to the English Garden, through the Haidhausen district to G├Ąrtnerplatz, and get to know the vibrant capital city better.
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Let's go - Look forward to a varied tour!

Hello and welcome to the state capital Munich.  We start together in the heart of the city, the Marienplatz and discover special highlights like the Viktualienmarkt, the Eisbachwelle and the English Garden, as well as the Olympic Park. The tour continues with a detour through the Werksviertel, the Haidhausen district, and ends with a trip to the countryside outside Munich.

Together with actor Paul Sedlmeir you spend a day in Munich. Within the nine chapters you can get inspired about city life in Munich and learn interesting facts about sights and their history. We have collected great highlights of the city for you, which can be put together individually. So you can decide whether you want to listen to the entire audio guide or prefer to put together your very own tour.

Are you in the mood for culinary experiences, great shopping and a relaxed, hip atmosphere? Then tune into chapters 3, 4 and 5. We start in the city center at Marienplatz, feast our way through the Viktualienmarkt and look at the colorful sales booths. Finally, we'll stroll together south across the Reichenbach Bridge to Untergiesing.

Off to nature in and around Munich! Listen in on chapters 6, 7 and 9 and visit the Eisbachwelle with us, located at the entrance to the expansive English Garden. Afterwards, take the S-Bahn out of the hustle and bustle of the big city and into the greenery around Munich.

For all culture fans, there are some exciting things to discover in Chapter 8. We'll take you past hip graffiti and inspiring street art in the Werksviertel district and through the quietly located Haidhausen neighborhood. Here you can enjoy your oatmeal coffee and a piece of cake in a cozy caf├ę in the Franzosen-Viertel.

So: eyes open and ears on - off you go through Munich. Experience a day in the big city with its many different facets.

Collage mit M├╝nchen Stadtbild, Frau mit Kopfh├Ârern und Bild von Paul Sedlmeier

Chapter 1: All travel information for your planning

We will travel to Munich together with you! In this chapter we have compiled some important facts about ticket purchase and travel planning, as well as other information you should know before your trip.

Chapter 2: Tour start at one of the largest train stations in Germany

Welcome to Munich! If you have already arrived at the main station, then you are about to get started. Currently, you are at the third largest train station in the world and can now take all S-Bahn lines in the direction of Marienplatz.
When you get off the train in Munich, you should start this chapter.

Chapter 3: The Heart of Munich Beats at Marienplatz

Take the S-Bahn from the lower level of the main station in the direction of Marienplatz. As soon as you arrive back at the top in the open air, you are already in the middle of the colorful hustle and bustle of the big city. Surrounded by historical sights, street musicians and all the visitors to Marienplatz - this is where the heart of Munich beats!
Let's go - from the main train station to Marienplatz. Start the chapter now!

Chapter 4: Delicious feasting and hip strolling: from Viki to Glockenbach

Before continuing on to the trendy Glockenbach district, you can feast on Bavarian delicacies at the Viktualienmarkt or stock up for a delicious snack under the chestnut trees on the market square. Continue on to the Glockenbachviertel, which has some hidden highlights.
Then it's on to the Viktualienmarkt! On the way there you should start the chapter.

Chapter 5: Off to the casual south: from Reichenbachbr├╝cke to Untergiesing

With a cool drink at the city's most famous kiosk - the Reichenbachkiosk - continue to Untergiesing. Stroll along the Isar, watch the many strollers:inside and then dive between Reichenbach- and Wittelsbacherbr├╝cke into the busiest and most urban quarter of Munich.
Start the chapter best when you leave G├Ąrtnerplatz and walk in the direction of the Isar.

Chapter 6: Between science and surfing pleasure: from the Isartor to the Eisbach wave

We start this chapter again at the main station. In just 5 minutes, the S-Bahn will take you to Isartor, where you can choose between a detour to the Deutsches Museum or a 45-minute walk to the Eisbachwelle. Crossing the Friedensengel to Prinzregentenstra├če will take you to the English Garden hotspot, where Munich residents and visitors watch the surfers.
Once you arrive at the Isartor, switch to this chapter!

Chapter 7: Olympia in the green: from the E-Garden to the Olympic Park

Sporting with a DB Call a Bike or preferring to travel by public transport? Once you arrive at the Olympic Park, we'll follow in the footsteps of the 1972 Olympic Games together with you. On the occasion of the Games, the S-Bahn line to the Olympic Park was extended for visitors to the Olympics so that they could get around the city in the best possible way.
Let's start the new chapter when you arrive at the Olympic Park.

Chapter 8: Street art meets village idyll: from the Werksviertel to Haidhausen

It goes from the main station to the Ostbahnhof! Here we come across a whole new world - the Werksviertel Mitte. From hip graffiti paintings and a Ferris wheel tour on the Umadum, the tour then continues to the picturesque district of Haidhausen. Pure contrast!
You start this chapter as soon as you get to our starting point, the main train station.

Chapter 9: Getting out of the hustle and bustle of the city: taking the S-Bahn to the countryside

Thanks to the generously developed S-Bahn network, you can get out into the countryside quickly and easily. From the main station, you can travel in any direction, to many beautiful towns and lakes worth seeing - whether to the Ammersee or to Wolfratshausen.
Back at the main station, we start the last chapter from here!

Episode 6 | Oberstdorf - the versatile natural paradise in Allg├Ąu

Look forward to an eventful excursion to Oberstdorf, the southernmost community in Germany. Actor Paul Sedlmeir accompanies you on your discovery trip to the idyllic mountain paradise!
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Experience an exciting day with Paul Sedlmeir in the versatile paradise in the Allg├Ąu!

Welcome to Oberstdorf in the Allg├Ąu! Together we will take a tour through the tranquil inner city center, walk to one of the most beautiful ski jumping stadiums in the world and enjoy a unique 400-peak panorama on the Nebelhorn cable car. For an exciting conclusion to the tour, we will visit the Breitachklamm, the deepest rock gorge in Europe.

Be excited to spend the day together with actor Paul Sedlmeir. The day tour is divided into nine chapters, in which you will learn a lot about the special features and excursion possibilities in and around Oberstdorf. Choose the highlights that best suit your preferences and the time you have available. So put together your very own individual Audio Guide Tour!

We promise you, there is something for everyone on our tour of Oberstdorf!

Are you a fan of winter sports and hiking? Then be curious about chapters 4, 5 and 6. We visit Oberstdorf's ski jumping stadium, the Audi Arena, and learn interesting facts about the history of alpinism. At the end of the tour, we will go on a sporty hike to Gerstruben.

For those of you who particularly enjoy outdoor excursions, we've got something in store for you, too, of course! Listen in to chapters 2, 5, 6 and 8 and visit the Nebelhornbahn with us, from where you have a spectacular view of the Alpine panorama. It will be exciting in the Breitachklamm before it is more leisurely at the Illerursprung.

Last but not least, city, museum and culinary fans will also get their money's worth. Look forward to chapters 3, 7 and 9, where we visit the museum of local history in Oberstdorf, take a gourmet tour of the Christlessee lake and stroll through a tranquil mountain farming village.

And now it's eyes open and ears on in Oberstdorf. Experience a day in the versatile paradise in the Allg├Ąu!

Collage mit verschneitem Oberstdorf, Frau mit Kopfh├Ârer und Bild von Paul Sedlmeir

Introduction: A few words about the current situation

Dear listeners,

Use the Audio Guide Oberstdorf of DB Regio Bayern in the current situation as a virtual travel guide that inspires you and makes you want to take a trip to Oberstdorf in the Allg├Ąu Alps!

Chapter 1: All travel information for your planning

Off we go to Oberstdorf! In this chapter we have compiled some important information about ticket purchase and travel planning that you should know before your trip.

Chapter 2: First impressions at the station

You have arrived in Oberstdorf? Then take a moment to let your gaze wander over the imposing mountain range opposite the train station. The second sight on your tour is "Die Wilde M├Ąndle" statue on the station forecourt, a legendary figure from the mountain world.

Turn on this chapter when you get off the train in Oberstdorf.

Chapter 3: A piece of Oberstdorf's local history

From the train station we walk to the local history museum. On the way there, we stop briefly at the Old Town Hall. The elaborate mural of the town hall shows significant scenes for the town of Oberstdorf - on the one hand the granting of the market right in 1495 and on the other hand the opening of the railroad line in 1888. Arriving at the local history museum you will have the opportunity to learn more about the history of the town as well as interesting facts about the beginnings of alpinism in Oberstdorf.

Are you ready to start from the train station? Then it's time to listen in on this chapter!

Chapter 4: Winter sports in Oberstdorf: are you still jumping or are you already flying?

Oberstdorf has made a name for itself in recent years as a venue for internationally important winter sports competitions. So it's only fitting that we visit the Audi Arena, one of the most modern ski jumping stadiums in the world. Take the glass elevator up to the panorama spots, from where you can admire the ski jump table and many other highlights.

The best way to start this chapter is to leave the local museum.

Chapter 5: With the Nebelhornbahn, the way is the goal

Admire 400 peaks at 2,224 meters? Then head to the Nebelhornbahn valley station! Enjoy the view of the fantastic mountain panorama during your ride with the highest cable car in the Allg├Ąu. It's up to you whether you go straight all the way up or make a stop beforehand. With children, a stop at the Seealpe station is recommended for the "Uff d'r Alp" nature and adventure trail. Or get off at the H├Âfatsblick station for one of the many impressive hikes.

You will start this chapter again at the Oberstdorf train station. We'll hear you there!

Chapter 6: On to the deepest rocky gorge in Europe: the Breitachklamm gorge

Are you ready for a spectacular tour? Then the Breitachklamm is the right place for you! This impressive natural experience was created about 10,000 years ago - the melt water of the Breitach glacier literally ate its way through the Schratten limestone rocks and created a gorge almost 100 meters deep. After this adventure, you'll have earned some downtime at the Alpe Dornach restaurant, a short walk from the gorge.

Tune into this exciting chapter after your arrival at the Breitachklamm!

Chapter 7: Gourmet Tour to Christlessee

Now we visit Christlessee in the wild and romantic Trettach Valley. A total of four gourmet stops await you here, where you can indulge in regional delicacies and homemade treats. Try one of the many delicious cakes at Berggasthof Riefenkopf or stock up on honey, meat and milk from their own organic farm at Caf├ę Restaurant Christlessee. Lastly, visit the mystical Christlessee, which never freezes over. What is the reason for this? Because of the numerous underground springs hidden in several chambers in the lake.

Start this chapter when you arrive back at the train station in Oberstdorf.

Chapter 8: Walk to the source of the river Iller and the Rubi level

The four most famous rivers in Oberstdorf are Trettach, Stillach, Breitach and Iller. Did you know that the Iller is quasi a "child" of the other three rivers and the birthplace is here in Oberstdorf? We visit the source of the Iller together and walk to the Rubistufe. There are numerous "Schtuidm├Ąndle" or in High German "Steinm├Ąnnchen" to discover. The Rubistufe is also a popular place for rafters and kayakers - maybe you can spot one or the other during your visit.

And again, we start this chapter of our tour at the train station. Listen in before you leave the station by bus!

Chapter 9: Sporty time travel to the mountain farming village of Gerstruben

In Gerstruben it goes back to the past! The mountain farming village is located at 1,155 meters and is one of the highest places in Germany. The picturesque backdrop of houses up to 500 years old in front of the impressive summit panorama is guaranteed to cast a spell on you. If you're in the mood for a little breather, stop at the Berggasthof Gerstruben and sample delicacies like Kaspresskn├Âdel or Fl├Ądlesuppe.

We start one last time at the train station Oberstdorf. Listen in there again!

Episode 5 | With the Main-Spessart-Express from Aschaffenburg to W├╝rzburg

On an impressive ride through Bavaria! Climb aboard the Main-Spessart-Express and let actor Paul Sedlmeir accompany you on the panoramic tour through Lower Franconia.
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Look forward to a unique tour with Paul Sedlmeir and the Main Spessart Express

Off we go on the Main-Spessart-Express! From Aschaffenburg, we travel via the legendary Spessart ramp in Laufach to Lohr, where we visit Snow White, and to historic W├╝rzburg to taste the specialty "Geknickte im Kipf" together.

Look forward to experiencing the tour together with actor Paul Sedlmeir, who will share numerous tips for things to do and unusual stories. Did you know, for example, that the railroad line on which we will be traveling together was completed by the Royal Bavarian State Railways as early as 1854?

The panoramic tour with the Main-Spessart-Express consists of a total of seven chapters. You can take the entire tour from Aschaffenburg to W├╝rzburg or get on and off individually. Put together your own personal audio guide flexibly according to the "hop on, hop off" principle"!

Attention all train fans! Chapters 1, 2 and 7 are particularly interesting for you. Here you will learn a lot of information and anecdotes about the route of the Main-Spessart-Express and the different stations we stop at. Our first stop is immediately a very special one - the Aschaffenburg station was voted Station of the Year in 2012.

Do you love hiking and nature? Then lace up your hiking boots and listen intently to chapters 2, 3 and 4, which take you along the culture trail on the Spessart ramp through the Spessart Nature Park and, last but not least, along the Schneewitchen hiking trail.

For those of you who are enthusiastic about the topics of cities & culinary delights, we of course also have something very special in store! In chapters 4, 5, 6 and 7, we taste Karlstadt's city wine, enjoy Franconian tarte flamb├ęe and sample vegan delicacies in W├╝rzburg.

And now be excited about the unique discovery tour with the Main-Spessart-Express. Eyes open and ears on!

Collage von Main Spessart Express, Frau mit Kopfh├Ârern und Bild von Paul Sedlmair

Introduction: A few words about the current situation

Dear listeners,

Use the Audio Guide Main-Spessart-Express of DB Regio Bayern in the current situation as a virtual travel guide that will inspire you and make you want to travel from Aschaffenburg to W├╝rzburg!

Intro: All info about ticket purchase and travel planning

Boarding please! It's time for the impressive ride on the Main-Spessart-Express. In our first chapter, we prepare you for your day trip and share all the important information about travel planning, ticket purchase and packing list with you.

Chapter 1: Off we go on the Main-Spessart-Express

Welcome to your unique panoramic tour through Lower Franconia. Our day together starts at the modern, eight-track Aschaffenburg train station. As soon as you leave the station behind, lush meadows, rolling hills and the numerous woodlands of the Spessart region will accompany you on your journey to the next stop in Laufach.

Turn on this chapter right when you start your tour at the train station in Aschaffenburg.

Chapter 2: The legendary Spessart ramp of Laufach

Hello in Laufach! Our first stop is already quite something: We explore the former Spessart ramp, which has since been converted into a cultural trail. Listen as we tell you about Laufach's impressive railroad history and start your hiking tour from the tranquil Laufach train station through the Laufach valley to the village of Hain.

Did you just get off the train in Laufach? Then it's time to listen in on this chapter!

Chapter 3: Heigenbr├╝cken and the Methusalems from Spessart

You have arrived in Heigenbr├╝cken? Then just take a deep breath. Heigenbr├╝cken is a beautiful and particularly oxygen-rich place at the same time. This is because Heigenbr├╝cken is located in the middle of the forests of the Spessart, where hiking fun and relaxation await you. The many hiking trails lead you through the game park, past gigantic and impressive Spessart oaks to the natural swimming pool.

The best way to start this chapter is to get off the Main-Spessart-Express in Heigenbr├╝cken.

Chapter 4: Visiting Snow White in Lohr

It's time for the fairytale-romantic town of Lohr! In the winding, picturesque old town of Lohr, small alleys, warped half-timbered houses, the historic fishermen's quarter and a dreamlike, beautiful little castle with the famous Snow White mirror await you.

When you reach the train station in Lohr, you are welcome to start this chapter.

Chapter 5: Many rivers and a Hallelujah in Gem├╝nden

Did you know that Gem├╝nden is also called the Three Rivers Town? This is because three rivers actually come together in this small town. The Sinn flows into the Franconian Saale and this finally flows into the Main. Enjoy the view over Gem├╝nden, the Main valley and the heights of the Spessart from the ruin Scherenburg. If you are traveling with children, the mathematical family trail with its one-hour walk is a great attraction.

Switch to the fifth chapter at the Gem├╝nden train station.

Chapter 6: Wine, wine and more wine in Karlstadt

In dreamy Karlstadt, which is located in the middle of the Main Valley, we dedicate ourselves to the topic of wine. Already on the way to the historic town hall on the market square you can stop in one of the numerous wine taverns and taste the Karlstadt wine, which is bottled in Bocksbeutels, typical Franconian round bottles. Wine has shaped Karlstadt's history since its founding - vineyards laid the foundation for the town's wealth in the 17th century. Visit the vineyard trails and finish with a detour to the ruins of Karlsburg Castle.

Start this chapter after you leave the train station in Karlstadt.

Chapter 7: Goodbye in W├╝rzburg

On the way to our last stop, you will be accompanied by the beautiful Main River with its small, dreamy islets. We set course for W├╝rzburg, where we go exploring one last time. The choice is yours - explore the gigantic Marienberg Fortress or the opulent W├╝rzburg Residence, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hungry after so many highlights? Try a "schnelle Geknickte im Kipf" better known as sausage in a roll or "Maulaffengeb├Ąck", a Franconian tarte flamb├ęe.

Are you ready for the final chapter? Then listen in when you pass Th├╝ngersheim on your onward journey.

Episode 4 | Augsburg - On a journey through time in the city of the Renaissance

Welcome to Augsburg: Influencer and Augsburg native Anni G├Âtze takes us through the city of the Renaissance, and gives us some insider tips for your next city trip to the Bavarian metropolis. Listen now!
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With Anni G├Âtze, social media influencer, on the road in her romantic hometown Augsburg

Welcome to Augsburg! In this episode of the DB Regio Bayern Audio Guides, Anni G├Âtze, influencer and DB Regio brand ambassador, introduces you to her hometown of Augsburg. Look forward to historical highlights and Anni's very personal Augsburg tips.

The tour of Bavaria's oldest city is divided into eight chapters that provide you with all the important information in the best possible way. The choice is yours: enjoy the whole tour, or pick out individual chapters that particularly interest you.

All those interested in history will find what they are looking for in chapters 2, 4, 5 and 6. From the historic train station building, head to Fuggerplatz via Rathausplatz with its magnificent Renaissance buildings. Afterwards you will visit the Fuggerei, the oldest, still existing, social settlement in the world.

Those who love nature can look forward in particular to chapters 3, 7 and 8. Here we walk from the "city green", the Wittelsbacher Park to the Hofgarten Augsburg.

Families will get their money's worth especially in Chapters 3 and 8, where we make excursions to Wittelsbacher Park, the Augsburger Puppenkiste and the zoo.

 And now let's get going! Tip your ears and let the DB Regio Audio Guide take you through beautiful Augsburg.

Collage mit Rathaus in Augsburg, Frau mit Kopfh├Ârern und Bild der Influencerin Anni G├Âtze

Introduction: A few words about the current situation

Dear listeners,

Use the Audio Guide Augsburg of DB Regio Bayern in the current situation as a virtual travel guide that will inspire you and make you want to tour Augsburg, the city of the Renaissance!

Chapter 1: All travel information for your planning

Are you ready to go? An exciting and eventful day in the Fugger city of Augsburg awaits you. In the first chapter you will get all the important information for your travel planning, ticket purchase and for your packing list.

Chapter 2: Arrival at the historic station building

Welcome to "Augschburg"! The tour starts at the listed station building, the oldest station hall in a major German city that is still in operation.

Start this chapter right when you arrive in Augsburg and let's explore over 2,000 years of city history together!

Chapter 3: Off to the "city green": from the train station to Wittelsbacher Park

Before heading to the old town, we enjoy pure nature: Through the Thelottviertel with its spacious gardens, we pass the hotel tower, Augsburg's tallest building, and enter Wittelsbacher Park. Here you can linger and explore one of the many playgrounds with your children.

Are you about to leave the main station? Then turn on this chapter and let it take you all the way to Wittelsbacher Park.

Chapter 4: The historical journey through time begins: from Wittelsbacher Park to Fugger Square

Into the historic old town! The main Protestant church of St. Anna combines every style from Gothic to Classicism. Another highlight is the Fugger Chapel, where members of the Fugger merchant family are buried. You can experience Augsburg's history in the city's oldest museum, the Maximilian Museum on Fuggerplatz.

The best way to start this chapter is to explore Wittelsbacher Park.

Chapter 5: Golden splendor and UNESCO World Heritage: from Fuggerplatz to Rathausplatz

From Fuggerplatz, it is only a stone's throw to the city's two landmarks, the magnificent Renaissance town hall building with the Perlachturm. UNESCO included the ingenious "Augsburg Water Management System" as a World Heritage Site in 2019.

Start this chapter at Fuggerplatz.

Chapter 6: Romantic Venice flair: from the Rathausplatz to the Fuggerei

In the Lech quarter, also known by the nickname "Little Venice," you can drift through the winding alleyways, browse through charming stores and stop at Ko Ko's Vitaminbar. Our walk then continues to the Fuggerei, over 500 years old and the oldest social settlement in the world.

If you are standing at Rathausplatz, you can start this chapter.

Chapter 7: Glass art in the Datschiburg: from the Fuggerei back to the train station

Time for refreshments: At the traditional confectionery Euringer we treat ourselves to a piece of Zwetschgendatschi, Augsburg's most famous specialty, which can be tasted there between July and October. You are at the Euringer on one of the other months? Don't worry, the cake and pie counter makes the connoisseur:inneherz beat faster at any time of year. If you're taking the tour at another time of year, be sure to try Now, however, on to Augsburg Cathedral, the cathedral of the Augsburg diocese with its famous stained glass windows. Before strolling back to the train station, it's worth taking a detour to the idyllic Hofgarten. On the way back to the station, you can still treat yourself to fruit or flowers at the city and adventure market.

 Start this chapter after visiting the Fuggerei.

Chapter 8: Highlights for Families: A Visit to the Puppet Box and the Zoo

Since 1948, the building of the former Heilig-Geist-Spital has been home to Germany's most famous puppet theater: the "Augsburger Puppenkiste", famous for Jim Knopf, Lukas the Locomotive Driver and the play "Peter and the Wolf". It is also worth taking a detour to the Augsburg Zoo. One of the zoo's main focuses is on keeping endangered birds and mammal species. Due to eager construction activity, it is now one of the largest zoos in southern Germany. It is home to around 1,200 animals and offers young and old alike many insights into the exotic animal world.

 This chapter contains two experience tips for families. Start it directly if you have one of the two destinations in mind.

Episode 3 | Bamberg - a city tour for pleasure fans

On a pleasure tour through Franconia: Sarah J├Ąger, the Bavarian Beer Queen 21/22, shows us the culinary side of the Franconian city in this episode of the DB Regio Bayern Audio Guides. Listen now!
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With Sarah J├Ąger, the Bavarian Beer Queen 2021/22, on an enjoyable city tour through Bamberg

Look forward to a day in Bamberg! In this episode of the DB Regio Audio Guides, Sarah J├Ąger, the Bavarian Beer Queen 2021/22, takes you on an enjoyable city tour in the "City of Beers".

The tour of Bamberg is divided into nine chapters, in which you will learn many exciting facts, stories and anecdotes about the "Franconian Rome". You can take the entire tour through Bamberg or pick out your personal highlights and put together individual chapters - just the way you like it!

By the way: We have a special treat for all Audio Guide listeners. On the Bamberg specialties voucher

there is a 15% discount for you. The voucher includes a total of five vouchers for a Leberk├Ąs-Br├Âdla, 1 Seidla Rauchbier, 2 chocolates, 1 H├Ârnla and 1 sip (0.1l) of Bamberg wine. Just show this website at the tourist information (click here for directions)

on your smartphone, save and enjoy!

In any case, we promise you a varied time in Bamberg!

If you are interested in Bamberg's city history, then chapters 4, 5, 6 and 8 in particular will be of interest to you. It goes through the listed old town, past sights such as the crane and the Old Town Hall to the Bamberg Cathedral.

Are you looking forward to the city's beer culture? Then get excited about chapters 3, 6 and 7. Stop into one of the countless, rustic breweries and learn all about the world of the art of brewing.

Last but not least, Bamberg also has something to offer for culinary enthusiasts. You can look forward to chapters 3, 6 and 7 in particular. Find out what's behind "Blaue Zipfel" and taste your way through Bamberg's many delicacies.

So - off to Bamberg we go. Eyes open, ears on in the city that has something to offer gourmets of all kinds!

Collage von Rathaus Bamberg mit Frau mit Kopfh├Ârern und Bild von bayerischer Bierk├Ânigin

Chapter 1: Intro - All travel information for your planning

Are you ready for an eventful day in Bamberg? We have some important information for you to know before you leave on the topics of travel planning, ticket purchasing and packing list.

Chapter 2: Arrival at the station and brief overview

Welcome to Bamberg! The city is divided into three districts - the island city , mountain city and last but not least the gardener city. On our tour we will discover all three districts!

Now we wish you a lot of fun! Listen in as soon as you arrive in Bamberg.

Chapter 3: Start of the enjoyment tour: from the train station to Maxplatz

Let's start the leisurely walk through Bamberg - we stroll through the pedestrian zone past old, richly decorated houses to the Maxplatz . Try one of the many delicacies at one of the numerous stands or take a short break at the Hofbr├Ąu in Karolinenstra├če, where you can try W├╝rschtl and your first Bamberg beer.

Start this chapter directly at the train station and let us accompany you to Maxplatz!

Chapter 4: Little vitamin kick: from Maxplatz to the crane

On our way to the Kranen, you will pass Caf├ę Stadtproviant, where you can stop briefly for a smoothie. The Kranen is the highlight of this stage - until the 20th century, this was Bamberg's harbor. Today, it's bustling with students taking a short break or tourists waiting for their Regnitz boat ride to start.

The best way to start this chapter is to leave the Maxplatz.

Chapter 5: Pleasure for the senses: from the Crane to the Old Town Hall

The Old Town Hall is an architectural highlight. It stands on piles in the middle of the Regnitz River and is also called the island or bridge town hall. From the town hall you also have a great view over the fishermen's settlement Klein Venedig.

You can already spot the town hall from the pier - start this chapter before you head there.

Chapter 6: Concentrated history in one place: from the Old Town Hall to Cathedral Square

Treat yourself to a refreshing brown ale at Klosterbr├Ąu , one of Bamberg's oldest breweries, before continuing to Domplatz. There you will find many of the city's cultural treasures - the Diocesan Museum , the Cathedral , the Historical Museum , the New Residence , the State Gallery and the State Library.

Switch to this chapter before leaving the Old Town Hall.

Chapter 7: Bamberg specialties: from Domplatz to Little Venice

It's time for Bamberg delicacies! Bamberg is also known as the "city of beers", which is not least due to the fact that the tranquil city has a large number of breweries, tens of beer cellars and about 50 different types of beer. If you prefer sweets, you will also get your money's worth in Bamberg. Try a H├Ârnla at the Hofb├Ąckerei Seel or a homemade cake at Caf├ę Zuckerst├╝ck.

Start this culinary chapter by making your way from Domplatz to Klein Venedig.

Chapter 8: Colorful and green: from Little Venice to the Gardener and Crocheter Museum

Get ready for a slightly different cityscape of Bamberg - the gardener's town is known for its tranquil atmosphere and small, low houses. A visit to the gardeners' and crocheters' museum located there is worthwhile for anyone who wants to learn more about the history of Bamberg's vegetable and wine-growing families.

Listen in as you head out from the island town.

Chapter 9: Back to Start: from the Gardener and Crocheter Museum to the Train Station

It's up to you - you can head straight to the station or make a detour to the viewing platform beforehand. This offers a fantastic panoramic view of the gardeners' quarter and you can catch a glimpse of the spire of St. Otto Church. On the way back to the train station, you can then pick up some fresh vegetables and flowers at the farms and market gardens on Heiliggrabstra├če.

You start this chapter directly when you set off from the gardener's town back to the train station.

Episode 2 | Roman city and free imperial city - the impressive history of Wei├čenburg

Welcome to the Roman city and Free Imperial City of Wei├čenburg: In this episode of the DB Regio Audio Guides, actor Max von Thun takes you on the trail of the Romans. Listen now!
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Mit Max von Thun auf den Spuren der R├Âmer unterwegs

Eyes open, ears on in Wei├čenburg! In the second episode of our DB Regio Audio Guides, we follow in the footsteps of the Romans with actor Max von Thun and discover the impressive history of this historic town in Middle Franconia.

The exploration tour is divided into seven chapters, in which you will learn a lot of sights and interesting facts about Wei├čenburg, which was founded in 1291. Pick out your personal highlights and easily put together your own individual audio tour. Are you staying longer than one day in Wei├čenburg? Wonderful! Weissenburg has so much to offer that you can even plan two days in the county seat. 

Collage mit Wei├čenburg, Frau mit Kopfh├Ârern und Bild von Max von Thun

Pick out your personal highlights and put together your own individual tour

Are you a history buff? Then look forward to chapters 3, 6 and 7. We will introduce you to the history of Wei├čenburg and take you back to the city's Roman times.

Chapters 5, 8 and 9 are especially interesting for hiking enthusiasts and families. Go on an interactive discovery tour with your children on the Roman adventure trail, hike up to the Hohenzollern fortress W├╝lzburg and walk through the beautiful city forest.

Last but not least, amateur photographers and city lovers will also get their money's worth - chapters 3 and 4 will inspire you. The old town of Weissenburg as well as the border of the Roman Empire hold very special motifs in store for you.

Now it's time to come along to Weissenburg and experience the tranquil town, halfway between Nuremberg and Ingolstadt, from a variety of perspectives. Eyes open, ears on!

Chapter 1: Intro - All important information about the Weissenburg adventure

Look forward to a unique day in Wei├čenburg with DB Regio Bayern. We have compiled some important info for you that you should know before your tour for travel planning and ticket purchase.

You can find all info about the Bayern-Ticket here.

Chapter 2: Welcome to Wei├čenburg!

Start with lots of energy into the adventure in the tranquil town, which is located between Nuremberg and Ingolstadt!  At the train station, you can fortify yourself with a homemade cake and a coffee at Caf├ę LebensKunst, where people with disabilities offer delicious delicacies.

Are you ready? Start with this chapter directly in the ticket hall at the station.

Chapter 3: Discover the treasure of Wei├čenburg in the R├ÂmerMuseum!

Did you know the bizarre story behind the R├ÂmerMuseum? In 1979, an amateur gardener discovered a real Roman treasure, which you can now examine in the museum. Also visit the Bavarian Limes Information Center in the museum, where you can get valuable tips and maps for your day in Wei├čenburg.

Sufficiently fortified? Listen in before you leave the station.

Chapter 4: Walk through the beautiful town center of Wei├čenburg

Listed buildings, medieval half-timbered houses and baroque town houses adorn the townscape of Wei├čenburg. In particular, the old Imperial Town Hall, St. Andrew's Church and also the Spital and Carmelite Church are the highlights on your walk. Walk all the way to the impressive Ellinger Gate.

Listen in as you stand in front of the church door of St. Andreas Church.

Chapter 5: Are you ready for the Roman adventure trail in Burgsalach?

Let's discover the Roman adventure trail together, which is the longest ground monument in the world after the Great Wall of China. The path takes you past a reconstructed watchtower with an impressive view.

Start this chapter at the train station, from where it continues by bus.

Chapter 6: The next stage: the great fort of Weissenburg

The former equestrian fort has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2004 and was built in 100 AD. The remains of the fort were discovered in 1868 during the construction of the train station, which you have already seen.

Switch to this chapter as soon as you get back to Weissenburg station.

Chapter 7: On to the Roman Baths of Weissenburg

The spa is a real archaeological highlight, a place of recreation and an important part of the social life of that time at the same time. Walk through the well-preserved bath complex and learn how the Romans spent their free time.

We will hear you again when you arrive at the spa.

Chapter 8: Our last stop - the Hohenzollern fortress W├╝lzburg

It goes high up to the Hohenzollern fortress, which towers 630m above Wei├čenburg. Take refreshments at the Gasthof Burgwirt in the inner courtyard of the fortress before exploring the Renaissance fortress in the form of a pentagon with its imposing ramparts.

Guided tours take place from May to October (weather permitting) at the following times: Saturdays 1 to 5 p.m., Sundays and holidays 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Additionally, during the Bavarian Whitsun and summer vacations, there are guided tours from Monday to Friday from 1 to 5 pm. The last guided tour starts at 4 p.m. each day.

Start this chapter as soon as you get back to the station. From there we will make our way to the fortress.

Kapitel 9: F├╝r einen Extra-Ausflug erkunden Sie den Wei├čenburger Stadtwald

The first highlight is the Bergwaldtheater, which is a cultural institution of Wei├čenburg and is even registered in the Bavarian monument list. A visit to the theater can be combined with a hike through the beautiful city forest.

Tune in when you arrive at the theater.