7 restaurant tips at Bavaria's stations

Waiting for the train and your belly starts rumbling? No problem. The food is a lot better around Bavarian stations than you might think. 


Want to take the train and your belly starts rumbling? The food is a lot better around Bavarian stations than you might think. You can easily walk to these dining spots from the station within 5-10 minutes and they are perfect places to stop for something to eat.

“Sensational food!”: at the Alter Simpl in Erlangen

The Alter Simpl restaurant in Erlangen is right near the station and has a menu that boasts everything that Franconian cuisine has to offer, including Blaue Zipfel (Bratwurst cooked in vinegar) and Schäuferle (oven-roasted pork shoulder) and more.
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Franconia – a region of culinary delights and the Alter Simpl restaurant is true to this motto. A fresh Franconian draught beer is the perfect accompaniment for Franconian delicacies such as Schäufele (pork shoulder) fresh out the oven. The restaurant has a rustic feel with oak panels.

“Six sausages with sauerkraut, please!”: the Bratwurstglöcklein restaurant at the Handwerkerhof (artisan yard) in Nuremberg

The Bratwurstglöcklein restaurant is located a few steps from Nuremberg’s main station.
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You can't leave Nuremberg without having tried this Bavarian speciality – small Nürnberger Rostbratwürstchen (Nuremberg sausages) with sauerkraut. You just have to decide whether you want them grilled, smoked or in wine sauce. And if you want six, eight, ten or even 12?

“One enormous pizza, please!”: pizzeria Locanda in Würzburg

About ten minutes from Würzburg main station is where you can get possibly the largest pizzas in the city.
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Locanda is the perfect place for very hungry travellers. This restaurant with a view of the river Main doesn't just serve extra-large pizzas with every conceivable topping, but you can also fill up on tasty pasta and fresh salads. Of course, you always have the option of sharing the enormous, extremely popular pizzas.

Welcome to the Café Zafran in Bamberg

The name, “Café Zafran”, in Bamberg is slightly confusing as neither coffee nor cake is served here. Instead, you can expect to find Indian dishes here.
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Spices and aromas waft through the air and tingle on the tongue – take a breather from your everyday life and visit Café Zafran with its exotic offerings. The Indian cuisine featuring curry, snacks such as poppadoms or lentil soup and fresh lassi is both tasty and cheap.

The best sushi at Lamondi in Bayreuth

You won’t have to search for long if you arrive in Bayreuth hungry – sushi restaurant Lamondi is directly opposite the station at Bahnhofstraße 23.
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Fresh fish, crunchy vegetables – in the sushi restaurant Lamondi you can treat yourself whilst staying healthy. The sushi creations are freshly prepared and are extremely good value for money.

“We’re doing something good!”: at the Cantina Diakonia in Munich

The Cantina Diakonia in Munich employs people who are down on their luck in the job market.
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Treat yourself and be healthy – you can do both here. The small coffee bar with a lounge feel has very friendly and helpful staff and daily specials with freshly prepared dishes. They taste really good and are priced very fairly – small dishes only cost around EUR 5. Invigorated after eating, you can also go shopping in the second-hand store next door.

"Jamas!" At Rhodos restaurant in Passau

Passau experts agree on one thing: the best Greek restaurant in the city is only five minutes from the station – Rhodos restaurant.
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Gyros, grilled vegetables, squid – hungry travellers can order large portions of Mediterranean delicacies in the restaurant Rhodos. When tasting the food, you feel as if you are transported to a holiday by the sea, all while you're right by the station.

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Café Zafran
Nearest station: Bamberg Brennerstraße 42
96052 Bamberg
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