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Hin & Hören: Royal in Coburg

Royal Coburg: In this episode of "Hin & Hören", we take you on a journey through time in Middle Franconia. Discover Coburg from the royal side. Listen now.


Walk with us through Coburg in the footsteps of dukes and a queen. From the train station, from where you can already discover the impressive Veste, via the market square to the Hofgarten. From there, the last historical stop is uphill to the "Franconian Crown" - the city's landmark. Listen now:

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Royal Bavaria: Many places in the Free State are marked by the noble past. Everywhere you can explore old castles and palaces. We have put together destinations for you where you can literally go on a journey through time:

Luftaufnahme Festung Rosenberg in Kronach

Historical journey through time at Rosenberg Fortress in Kronach

Insider tip for architecture and art lovers: The Rosenberg Fortress in Kronach takes you back to times long past above the roofs of the historic half-timbered town.
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Innenansicht Residenz in München

Tracing the history of Bavaria's kings at the Munich Residence and neighbouring Hofgarten

Travel back to a past that is long gone. A visit to the royal palace and adjoining Hofgarten ("court garden") park gives you an opportunity to learn about this history of the royal Wittelsbach family and architectural styles from different eras.
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Schloss Thurn und Taxis vor blauem Himmel

Glorious film backdrops: St. Emmeram Palace in Regensburg

St. Emmeram Palace in Regensburg is popular with film makers. It's where the German film director Marcus H. Rosenmüller filmed the Vatican scenes from his comedy "Wer's glaubt, wird selig" (a German turn of phrase meaning "A likely story!").
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Kirche in Ingolstadt

Ingolstadt: a historic treasure in the heart of Bavaria

There's nowhere quite like Ingolstadt, where culture and history stretching back over 1,000 years are set against the backdrop of the Danube. Bavaria's fifth-largest city can be easily reached by train and explored in a day.
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