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6 unusual museums in Bavaria

Think museum visits are tedious? No way, there's plenty of exciting things to see in Bavaria. You can find the six most unusual destinations here.

Think museum visits are tedious? No way, there's plenty of exciting things to see in Bavaria and you can learn about history, industry and the customs of the region from completely different perspectives. You can find the six most unusual destinations here:

Zwei braune Kühe auf einer Wiese

The Franconian Open Air Museum Bad Windsheim

A trip to the Franconian Open Air Museum is like a journey back in time. 700 years of Franconian everyday history come alive again here.
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Ein Bund frischer Minze auf einem Holztisch

The Pfefferminzmuseum (peppermint museum) in Eichenau

The little Upper Bavarian community of Eichenau was famous in Europe for its excellent mint for a long time.
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Graues Schild mit der Aufschrift Museum

The snuff factory in Regensburg

Although tobacco has not been produced in the Regensburg snuff factory since 1998, it still smells pleasantly spicy.
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Stapel blauer Jeans vor einer Holzwand

The Levi Strauss Museum in Buttenheim

Are jeans American? No, sirree, this popular garment has its roots in Upper Franconia.
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Rucksack, Fernglas, Messer, Gewehr auf einem Holzstumpf

The Jagdmuseum hunting museum in Mühldorf

There is a very special type of hunting museum right on Mühldorf town square. It is called “MUSSeum” because according to its curator, Hans Kotter, it is a must-see (“muss” being the German word for “must”).
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Blauer Himmel mit wenigen Schleierwolken

The Air Museum in Amberg

The Air Museum in Engelsburg castle in Amberg features air that you can hear, see and touch, spread out over three floors totalling 650 square metres.
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Amberg Air Museum
Nearest station: Amberg Eichenforstgäßchen 12
92224 Amberg
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