Pottenstein: Breathtaking nature in Upper Franconia

Pottenstein sounds almost as huge as Utah, but it is "only" a small community in the Bayreuth region of Upper Franconia. Why a day trip to the Franconian Switzerland Nature Park is worthwhile just for that reason, you can find out here.


What do Utah and Pottenstein have in common? At first glance, very little, because the U.S. state is over 200,000 square kilometers and the small town of Pottenstein in Franconian Switzerland is just 70. At second glance, however, it quickly becomes clear why an overseas trip is no longer necessary if you want to experience breathtaking nature. Pottenstein is located in the middle of the Franconian Switzerland Nature Park and offers the perfect backdrop for a day trip with a change of scenery.

The romantic rocky town doesn't have its own train station, but you can easily reach it by bus from surrounding train stations like Ebermannstadt or Pegnitz, which can be reached by DB Regio. There are several bus stops throughout the town, for the optimal starting point it is best to get off at the bus station Pottenstein B470 - the ride from the station to the town center is included in the Bayern-Ticket.

Fachwerkhaus und Kirche

Historical and modern view over Pottenstein
From there, you can already see the town's landmark, Pottenstein Castle. At over 1,000 years old, it is one of the oldest castles in Franconian Switzerland and even briefly housed Saint Elizabeth in the 13th century. A spectacular, modern view is offered by the ladder to heaven, built in 2014. From the 37-meter-high, spindle-shaped observation tower on the Panorama Trail, you can let your gaze roam freely over the landscape.

Blick auf Burg Pottenstein

Down into the devil's cave, up on the bike
From the very top, we now descend deep into the Devil's Cave. There you will be impressed by the sight of huge, ancient stalactites and animal skeletons. After so much awe underground, a visit to the Pottenstein Adventure Mile, an amusement park with plenty of action for all ages, will do you good. From the 65-meter-high Skywalk, you have the best view of the region. Sports enthusiasts also get their money's worth in Pottenstein, for example mountain biking, climbing or hiking. There are routes here for the leisurely and the ambitious.

Refreshment in the romantic city center
With so much to experience, a culinary break is of course a must. In the historic old town - idyllically situated between Jura rocks - the half-timbered houses are lined up next to each other and with a hearty snack with regional delicacies in the beer garden or inn, you can let the spectacular impressions in Pottenstein pass in a relaxed manner - such as in the inn of the Hufeisen brewery, which cannot be overlooked in the main street near the Elisabeth fountain.

Fachwerkhaus und Kirche in Pottenstein

Utah suddenly seems very close
The small rock town is embedded in a landscape that is millions of years old.
If you want to know exactly how this landscape was formed, you can find out at the Franconian Switzerland Museum in T├╝chersfeld. You can get to the museum from the B470 stop in Pottenstein in just under ten minutes by bus with the number 389 - the Bayern-Ticket is also valid here. Just get off at the bus stop "T├╝chersfeld" and the museum cannot be missed from there - especially thanks to the imposing rock needles that tower above the building and are considered a landmark of the entire Franconian Switzerland. At this sight, Utah, thousands of kilometers away with its striking rocky landscape, suddenly seems very close...

Luftaufnahme des Felsenbads Pottenstein

The "Felsenbad" lido in Pottenstein

Possibly the most picturesque lido in Bavaria.
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Tropfsteine in der Teufelsh├Âhle

Teufelsh├Âhle (Devil's Cave) in Pottenstein: An impressive feat of nature

There are more than 1,000 caves in Franconian Switzerland. The most well-known and most accessible is the "Teufelsh├Âhle" (Devil's Cave) in Pottenstein, which is one of the most famous stalactite caves in Bavaria.
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Bierkrug auf Tisch vor Waldlichtung

Pegnitz: circular hiking trail with idyllic views in Upper Franconia

Go on a discovery tour in Pegnitz and be enchanted by the romantic natural idyll. The Oak Leaf Trail is a classic among the circular hiking trails.
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