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Scary-beautiful: The scariest excursion destinations in Bavaria

Are you ready for Bavaria's spookiest places? We have put together a list of scary and beautiful destinations in the Free State that are sure to give you the heebie-jeebies. Do you dare to go on an excursion?


Eerily beautiful Bavaria: Our Free State is absolutely worth seeing at any time of year. But especially in autumn and winter you can get to know Bavaria from its mystical, almost even spooky side. We have put together three excursion destinations that are especially worthwhile for spooky fans. Are you ready for our spooky and beautiful excursion destinations?

The hole prisons in Nuremberg

The Lochgefängnisse in Nuremberg are over 600 years old and a real attraction for anyone who isn't afraid of the dark. Narrow corridors, small cells and, above all, the total darkness to which those imprisoned at that time were exposed. In modern times, a stay in the cells would be classified as torture instead of ordinary imprisonment. When you visit the hole prison, you feel the cold and pain of the horrors. Rusty nooses and shackles hang on the walls. Narrow corridors, little light! - You could almost think that the ghosts of the retarded still live here. The bare cells and tools for various torture measures make the environment more lively than it is. Currently the hole prisons are not open due to Corona restrictions, once visiting is possible again, this destination definitely belongs on your scary list. 

Handschellen an Ketten vor einer steinernen Wand

Nuremberg's underground prison cells and tunnels

Below the town hall, 15 gaol cells show what a 14th-century prison was like. In the Middle Ages, long underground passages hewn into the bedrock served as places to brew Nuremberg's beer.
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Mystical atmosphere on the Altmühltal Trail

Hundreds of millions of years old rocks rest on the Altmühltal Panorama Trail: the 12 Apostles. The 12 Apostles are the remains of a reef belt from the times of the Jurassic Sea. They are the landmark of the Altmühltal Nature Park in Middle Franconia. According to legend, the primeval giants were once twelve giants who turned into stones! To this day, the giants watch over the Altmühl Valley. On a hike in the evening gray along these 12 giant rocks, you could almost think there is life in them. Especially in light fog, there is a mystical atmosphere around the giants.  

Blick ins Altmühltal bei Sonnenschein

Fascinating hike: the Altmühltal Panorama Trail in Middle Franconia

The various stages of the Altmühltal Panorama Trail are among the most versatile routes for hiking enthusiasts. The route through Central Franconia is a real nature highlight. The final visit to the "Twelve Apostles" dolomite rocks makes your day trip an unforgettable experience.
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Rosenberg Fortress - the inconspicuous ghostly vestige

The Rosenberg Fortress in Kronach takes you back to times long past above the roofs of the historic half-timbered town - and behind the stone facades, quite a few spooky things have happened in the past centuries. Together we will go to the castle, which was completed in 1699 and has never been taken by force until today. The thick castle walls, all the rooms and decorations from the past are still there. Maybe even the inhabitants of the fortress? As soon as the fog has taken over Rosenberg Fortress, you could almost think that the ghosts in the castle are coming to life. For all castle and creepy fans an absolute must on the excursion list.

Luftaufnahme Festung Rosenberg in Kronach

Historical journey through time at Rosenberg Fortress in Kronach

Insider tip for architecture and art lovers: The Rosenberg Fortress in Kronach takes you back to times long past above the roofs of the historic half-timbered town.
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