Simply travel out by train and walk back

Some routes are simply too far. A great compromise – travel out by train and then explore and enjoy the scenery by foot.


It's quicker on the way out, but more beautiful on the way back. Some routes are too long for you to have enough time and energy to walk both there and back. A great compromise – travel out by train and then explore and enjoy the scenery by foot.

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Restaurant "Alte Veste": A melting pot of flavours

This is a place where everything unites: the traditional and the modern, East and West, and the sweet and the spicy. Very appropriate for the spirit of our time.
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Stroll along the river Naab and drink in the majestic country air

This magnificent twelve-kilometre trail follows the river Naab and leads across the Danube to Prüfening Abbey, the former residence of the Benedictine monks in Regensburg.
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Follow the Jakobsweg trail from Augsburg

The idyllic region of Gablingen is located around ten kilometres north-west of Augsburg. You can walk back to Augsburg along the Jakobsweg trail, which is 18 kilometres long.
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Rambling with heavenly views

Bruckberg is situated between the Upper Bavarian town of Moosburg an der Isar and the Lower Bavarian town of Landshut.
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Ellermühle beer garden
Nearest station: Bruckberg Ellermühle 7C
84034 Landshut
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