Ortskern Garmisch Partenkirchen mit Bergpanorama

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Beautiful places with great variety: Discover six beautiful small towns in Bavaria!

A day out: From a medieval journey through time to a Riviera feeling, there is something for everyone. We present beautiful places in Bavaria that are perfect for a day trip by train.


A day out in the most beautiful places in Bavaria: From medieval time travel to the Riviera feeling, there is something for every excursionist. We introduce you to small towns in Bavaria that are ideally suited for a varied day trip by train. Grab yourself a Bayern-Ticket and off you go with the trains of DB Regio Bayern!

Go on a journey through time in Rothenburg ob der Tauber

When you walk through the medieval town center, you will feel like you are traveling back in time thanks to the winding alleys and half-timbered houses. One of these little houses - the so-called "Plönlein" - is Rothenburg's landmark and even inspired Walt Disney's illustrators when they imagined the birthplace of the children's book character Pinocchio. It's worth taking a short break in the castle garden, as its romantic setting is really something special. The figure bed behind the former gardener's house will also delight traveling children, because here they can playfully explore the seasons in the blooming flower bed.

Stadtszene aus Rothenburg ob der Tauber mit Fachwerkhaus

Time travel in the old town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Let yourself be enchanted by the historic flair of the old town on a walk through Rothenburg: the town centre attracts its visitors:inside with narrow half-timbered houses and numerous towers like something out of a fairytale.
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Strolling along the Bavarian Riviera in Lindau

Art Nouveau ambience meets Italian flair in Lindau, which is why the place got the nickname "Bavarian Riviera". Lake Constance, which surrounds Lindau, also bears a picturesque pet name with "Swabian Sea". Together, the two then create a wonderful vacation feeling and also have historical delights to offer with the only lighthouse in Bavaria, the Lion Monument and the Old Town Hall. After the city stroll, be sure to treat yourself to a ticket for the three-country panorama tour, where they can enjoy the beautiful view of the shores of the three-country corner from the ship.

Luftaufnahme von Lindau

Lindau: the Bavarian riviera on the Swabian sea

The island town of Lindau owes its reputation as Bavaria's riviera to its blend of Art Nouveau buildings and Italian ambiance. Surrounded by Lake Constance, or the "Swabian sea" as it is sometimes called, it effortlessly conjures up a holiday atmosphere.
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Soak up the Roman atmosphere in Weißenburg

Roman treasures in the Weißenburg? And how! In 1979, significant Roman treasures such as weapons and vessels made of precious metals were found by chance in the small town. You can discover these relics and many other ancient pieces from Roman history in the famous Roman Museum. A culinary journey to ancient Rome is also possible: Make sure to make a reservation in advance at the "Schwarzer Bär" inn across from the town hall, where they cook according to original recipes from 25 BC. If you want to walk even further along Roman paths, start in nearby Burgsalach on a hike along the World Heritage Site Limes and the Roman Road including the Roman Experience Trail. This is an exciting experience, especially for children.

The Roman stronghold in Weißenburg

Due to its location right by the limes, the little Middle Franconian town of Weißenburg became a true Roman stronghold.
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Discover the Roman city of Weißenburg with our "Audio Guides"! Actor Max von Thun takes you to the historic town in Middle Franconia. Listen in!

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Get a taste of Zugspitz air in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

In this small town in Bavaria, both leisurely summit strikers and old-town romantics will find their happiness. The nostalgic rack railroad brings you a little closer to heaven when you ride it to the Zugspitzplatt. Then take the glacier cable car the last little bit to the summit, where you'll first take in the spectacular views over the mountains. Back in the valley, you can dream yourself into the stories of the Garmisch-born author in the Michael Ende spa park or go on a historical-romantic discovery tour in the Fr√ľhlingsstra√üe. Finally, enjoy a delicacy in the traditional Br√§ust√ľberl inn.

Feel the medieval flair in Memmingen

Well-preserved historic buildings and magnificent house facades: The medieval townscape of the small town of Memmingen in Bavaria is impressive and really makes you want to explore the small town in Unterallgäu. You can get a good overview from the 66-meter-high church tower of St. Martin. The town stream leads you through the small alleys and even conjures up a touch of Venice. At the Kramer Guild at the Weinmarkt you can visit the place where one of the first declarations of human rights in Europe was recorded 500 years ago. The Fugger Building on Martin Luther Square is also imposing and reveals a lot about Memmingen's history. If you are traveling with children, you should definitely take the Adventure Rally (the questionnaire is available at the Tourist Information).

Altstadt Memmingen mit Kanal

Memmingen's sights: Medieval flair in the Unterallgäu

Memmingen's medieval townscape on the edge of the Allgäu fascinates with its well-preserved historical buildings, magnificent house facades and the town stream. Even human rights were invented here.
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Experience 2,000 years of history in Kempten

The Allgäu metropolis is one of the oldest cities in Germany, one of the most beautiful places in Bavaria anyway, and offers not only culture steeped in history, but also charming green spaces and a large shopping center. Go on a historical walk here when you visit the Kempten Museum, which can boast the title of "Germany's best museum of local history." The Basilica of St. Lorenz and the Kempten Residence are also worth a visit. For refreshment, it is recommended to try regional dishes from the typical Swabian cuisine, for example Kasspatzn or g'schmälzte Maultaschen.

Junges Paar in Altstadt in Kempten

Kempten's sights: Historical tour of the "Metropolis of the Allgäu

Walk in the historical footsteps of over 2,000 years in Kempten, one of the most beautiful places in Bavaria. The Allgäu metropolis is one of the oldest towns in Germany. The small town in Bavaria impresses with award-winning culture, lovingly designed green spaces and the largest shopping centre in the Allgäu.
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