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Have you been going skiing and snowboarding for years? For a change, here are four new winter adventures that guarantee fun and action, even off the slopes.

Snowbiking in Immenstadt – get ready for a new kind of exciting winter sport

If you're looking for a sporty activity for the winter, speeding down over five kilometres of natural sled run on the Mittaggipfel on a sled or snowbikeis perfect for both adults and children over the age of six.
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Leisurely carving and demanding deep-snow driving – with the snow bike, anything is possible. Due to its low centre of gravity and the stable sitting position, the risk of falling is minimal. One further advantage is that the spring system is easy on the joints.

Sledding on the Breitenberg in the Allgäu

If a day of tobogganing without the tedious uphill climb sounds appealing, then you should catch the next train to Pfronten! This little town has a cable car, the Breitenbergbahn, that will take you up the Breitenberg mountain.
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Many people have great memories of tobogganing when they were little. When you're young, the focus is on speed and trying to land jumps, whereas when you're an adult, other things matter, like beautiful surroundings or the prospect of a chairlift.

Horse-drawn sleigh ride in Oberstaufen

A romantic ride in a horse-drawn sleigh in Oberstaufen is just the right thing, if you like being snug and warm in the winter.
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Silence. Only broken by the crunching of snow, the snorting of the horses and the gentle commands from the carriage driver. Wrap up warmly and travel through the snowy Allgäu with two horsepower – romantic for a couple or perfect with the whole family.

Skateboarders that wish the snow was gone. Surfers that are too far from the sea. All of them will be in their element with snowkiting. When the sun is shining you can soon forget that you're not in the Mediterranean, but rather in wintry Bavaria.

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Nearest station: Immenstadt Mittagstraße 30
87509 Immenstadt
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