The 5 most beautiful lake cruises in Bavaria

Take a trip to the water by rail. You don't need a coastline to enjoy a day by the water.


When the sun comes out at the weekend, Bavarians travel out from the city to the region's rivers and lakes. And spend much of their time in traffic on their way there. You're much better off travelling by rail. Here are 5 tips for boat outings in areas ranging from Franconia to Upper Bavaria.

Boat ride on Starnberger See lake

The majestic round trip takes you past the chic properties by the bank, Possenhofen Castle (also known as the “Sisi castle”) and more.
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Boat ride on Staffelsee lake

Perhaps taking a trip on the lake on the MS Seehausen will make you want to take a dip?
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On the bank of the river Regnitz in Bamberg

In Bamberg, city of emperors and bishops, the idyllic bank of the river Regnitz takes visitors on an architectural journey through time.
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Round trips in the border triangle at Lake Constance

At Lake Constance in the border triangle, seafaring hearts beat faster: between Bregenz in Austria and Constance in Germany, the other shore cannot even be guessed at, even with the best distant views. Nothing but blue water and white sails as far as the eye can see.
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Exploring the Franconian Lake District with the MS Brombachsee

Exploration tour with the Brombachsee. Set sail on the MS Brombachsee trimaran and get to know the south of central Franconia from the lake.
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Little Venice
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96047 Bamberg
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